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Kelley Catoe Sick


Name Summary Class Year
Kelley Catoe Sick Sympathy is extended to Kelley in the death of her father. 1999
Merri Shannon Lunn Sympathy is extended to Merri Shannon on the death of her grandfather Oscar Beamon Pullen 1998
Patricia Hughes Patricia Hughes Patricia (Trish) Hughes named director of athletics for Salem College 1994
Patricia Hughes – Women’s Soccer Athletics Hall of Fame - April 23, 2002 1994
Suzanne Bailey Suzanne Bailey Unexpected Coker alumni meet up 1992
Class of 1998, News April 2017 Karen Lear Edwards, Class Rep

Class of 1993, News April 2017 Rebecca Lawson-Marks, Class Rep

Elizabeth “Liz” Clack – Freeman -Softball Athletics Hall of Fame - April 24, 2001 1995
1998 Softball Team Athletics Hall of Fame - October 1, 2011 1998
1994 Women’s Soccer Team Athletics Hall of Fame - February 28, 2015 1994