Max Wolfe


Name Summary Class Year
Max Wolfe Congratulations to Max Wolfe and Becky Mordas who were married on July 13, 2019 2018
Eren Moses Eren Moses Congratulations to Eren Moses '14 and Chelsea Kent '15 on their marriage July 6, 2019. 2014
Chelsea Kent Moses Chelsea Kent Moses Congratulations to Chelsea Kent '15 and Eren Moses '14 on their marriage July 6, 2019. 2015
Alexander Green Alexander Green Congratulations to Alexander Green '16 and Ashley LeSage '15 on their marriage July 6, 2019. 2016
Ashley LeSage Green Ashley LeSage Green Congratulations to Ashley LeSage '15 and Alexander Green '16 on their marriage July 6, 2019. 2015
Jessica R. Sabater Congratulations to Jessica Barnes '10 and Maurice Sabater on their marriage June 3, 2018.

Alexandra Cataldo Schelble Congratulations to Alexandra Cataldo and Addy Schelble on their marriage on June 2, 2018.

Sarah McLain Huggins Congratulations to Sarah McLain and Chandler Huggins on their marriage on May 19, 2018

Sean Thomas Arnold Sean and Sarah Giles Arnold were married on April 14, 2018

Glenn Fulmer II Congratulations to Deanna Protheroe Fulmer and Glenn Fulmer II on their marriage March 17, 2018