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Study Away & Study Abroad

Study Away & Study Abroad

Why Study Away or Abroad?

At Coker, it is our belief that students should be active participants in their own education. We also believe that there should be opportunities to enhance your education through learning that takes place beyond the pillars of the university. To make certain these opportunities exist, we offer study abroad and domestic study away programs that guarantee an experience that broadens your view of the world—whether it takes place on another continent or right here on our own soil.

This is your chance to explore! Travel to another country and experience a new culture.

  1. Contact Your Study Abroad Coordinator

    Professor Kevin Kenyon coordinates all study abroad travel for Coker. Please contact him at with any questions. 

If you’d like to travel within the U.S., there are plenty of domestic options available.

  1. Contact Your Study Away Coordinator

    If you’re interested in a study away trip within the United States, please contact Professor Phyllis Fields at for more information.

    Study away trips are often offered in conjunction with specific courses or faculty projects. First-year students’ Cobras in the Capital trip to Washington, D.C. will also fulfill this requirement. Additionally, ideas for independent travel may be submitted for approval to fulfill Trans4mations credit. 

Study Away / Study Abroad FAQs

Students in Coker’s first-time undergraduate programs engage in an approved study away experience as a requirement for graduation.
This academic experience involves travel to a location at some distance from the Coker campus and from the student’s home. The student will complete an academic project related to his or her travel location

Most students will meet their study away requirement by attending Cobras in the Capital.
Early in the fall semester each year, new first-time undergraduate students will travel together by bus to Washington D. C. and complete an academic experience. This satisfies the study away requirement on a student’s transcript. 

“Study Away” includes any academic experience involving travel over a significant distance from the student’s home and Coker’s campus, either within the United States or involving travel to a foreign country.

“Study Abroad” is a specialized form of study away that takes a student outside of the United States. A study abroad experience counts as study away.

Whenever possible, Coker students are highly encouraged to participate in study abroad outside the U.S. Traveling in another country is a life-changing experience for almost all students, and we highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity while at Coker.

Faculty often offer educational trips that meet Coker’s study away requirement—some to domestic locations, and others in foreign countries. Students who transfer to Coker may participate in these excursions to earn their study away credit. 

Past trips have included New York City; St. Augustine, Florida; Portugal; Spain; Germany; Chile; Costa Rica; and the United Kingdom.

We understand that travel can be expensive, and work to find affordable solutions for all students while providing an enriching academic experience.

Many financial aid opportunities are available to support students in this endeavor. For more information about financing study away, please contact Dr. Kevin Kenyon.

Yes, students may spend a full semester studying away—and in many cases, students’ financial aid from Coker can apply.