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Alumni Association Board

Alumni Association Board

The Coker University Alumni Association is a service organization established by the college to develop and maintain a close bond between Coker and our alumni.

Membership is open to all former students who have completed a semester at Coker and have been separated from the college in good standing.


Tina Weeks Weaver ’91
Columbia, SC | Email


Jesse Sternberg ’17
Gaffney, SC  | Email
(Term expires in 2022)


Mary Lance Williams Garrison ’91
Lexington, SC | Email


Heather McConnell Buckelew ’95
Concord, NC | Email


Dawn Arrants ’17
Hartsville, SC | Email

John Curias ’96
Columbia, SC | Email

Reginald Dargan ’13
Columbia, SC | Email

Ben Davidson ’07
Charleston, SC | Email

Suzy Fielders ’05
Winston-Salem, NC | Email

Destany Gause ’19
Cheraw, SC | Email

William James ’05
Elgin, SC | Email

Darrian Love ’17
McColl, SC | Email


Katelyne Brown ’12 ’17
Dalzell, SC | Email

Robert (Bird) Brown ’85 ’18
Westminster, MD | Email

Sam Fryer ’95
Florence, SC | Email

Shaun Howe ’10
Greenville, SC | Email


Belinda Duckworth Copeland ’21
Hartsville, SC | Email

Lisa Snyder Freedman ’90
Clarkton, NC | Email

Sarah McCanless Haarlow ’72
Hartsville, SC | Email

Shivas Jayaram ’09
Hartsville, SC | Email

Sharod Williams ’13
Commerce, TX | Email


Hoyt Kelley ’96
Mt Pleasant, SC | Email


Student Government Association President
Mahari Greene ’21
Hartsville, SC


The Name of this organization will be the Coker University Alumni Association.

The object of this Association will be to promote the interests of Coker University and to develop and maintain a close, continuous bond between the University and the alumni.

The membership of the Association will be composed of anyone who holds a degree from Coker University or who has earned at least 24 semester hours at Coker University and received an honorable discharge before receiving a degree.

The Association will meet once a year in regular session.  Attending members will have the privilege of voting, debating, and making motions.  Those present at the meeting will constitute a quorum.

Financial Contributions
The Office of Advancement will be responsible for all alumni contributions.  The Office will report on these contributions at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

Section 1: The officers of the Association will be as follows: president, president elect, past president, and recording secretary.

Section 2: The officers will be elected at the annual business meeting of the Association to serve for two (2) years, or by mail ballot at the discretion of the Executive Board.  The term for officers will begin immediately following the Annual Meeting.

Section 3: In the event of a vacancy, the president will appoint a successor to serve the unexpired term.

Section 4: The President will preside over all meetings, call extra sessions, fill vacancies, participate in Commencement exercises, sign all official correspondence, prepare meeting agenda, appoint committees as needed, and is a member of the Nominating and Awards committees.  The president must hold a degree from Coker University and will also have served one (1) term as a member of the Executive Board.

Section 5: In the absence of the president, the president elect will perform the duties of the president.

Section 6: The secretary will keep an accurate concise record of all meetings; read the minutes; record all motions, recommendations, and amendments to the bylaws.  The secretary will send and acknowledge all messages authorized by the president.

Section 7: The retiring president of the Alumni Association will remain a member of the Executive board for two (2) years.

Section 8: The Director of Alumni Engagement (a staff position) will perform such duties for the Association as are prescribed in the employment contract and/or by agreement with the Executive Board and are delegated by the Vice President of Institutional Advancement and the President of the University.

Section 9: The Executive Committee and the Director of Alumni Engagement will meet for a planning session annually.  This group will propose priorities for the coming two-year term.

Governing Board
Section 1: The governing board will be the Executive Board.

Section 2: The Executive Board of the Alumni Association will be composed of the officers of the Association, all elected members and up to three (3) student representatives (including the Student Government Association President). One (1) alumna/us who is a member of the Coker University Board of Trustees will serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Board and in that capacity will function as a liaison between the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees.

Section 3: The members will serve for a three (3) year term.

Section 4: A member is not eligible for re-election until a year has elapsed.

Section 5: Up to three (3) student representatives.  Students will serve a three (3) year term, beginning with their junior year.  After graduation, they will serve as their class representative.  The Student Government Association President will be an ex officio member of the Executive Board.  Students will be selected by collaboration between the faculty, staff, Alumni Office and Campus Life.

Section 6: The Executive Board will meet twice annually and will meet at the call of the president—time and place to be decided by the president.

Section 7:  A quorum of the Executive Board will consist of those members present.

Alumni Council (Leadership Coker)
Section 1: The Alumni Council will be composed of the Executive Board of the Association, chairs of each focus group, members of each group, and representatives of each class.

Section 2: The Council will meet at least once a year.  Special meetings may be called by the president of the Association.

Executive Committee (Officers)
Section 1: The Executive Committee (Officers) will be composed of the president, president-elect, secretary and past president.  The Executive Committee will be authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Board between meetings.

Section 2: The Executive Committee will meet at the call of the president.  It will make a report at the regular meeting of the Executive Board which immediately follows the called meeting.

Nominating Committee
Section 1: The Nominating Committee will consist of four (4) members (president, past president, president-elect and secretary).  Their duty will be to recommend a slate of potential board members to the Executive Board for each office to be filled at the next annual meeting.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the Executive Board Meeting at the Fall meeting.

Section 2: The past president will serve as chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

Section 3: The Nominating Committee will meet following the Fall Board Meeting and will fill the vacancies from the slate of candidates approved by the Executive Board. New members will be presented to the Association for election at the annual meeting.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor.

Section 4:  The Nominating Committee may provide the Board of Trustees a list of committed and involved candidates for the Board of Trustees.

Outstanding Selections Committee
Section 1: The committee will meet annually prior to the Fall Board Meeting to select recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, Distinguished Alumni Service Award, Special Recognition Award and the Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

Section 2: After the Selection Committee makes its choices, it will submit the candidates to the Executive Board for approval.

Section 3: The president elect will serve as chairperson of the Outstanding Selection Committee.

Section 4: The Selection Committee will consist of four (4) members (president, past president, president elect and secretary), and one (1) Coker University staff member.

Other Committees
Section 1: The president will appoint chairs of the volunteer focus groups as needed to manage specific needs of the Association which the Executive Board may deem necessary or expedient (i.e., Recruitment, Career Development, etc.)

Section 2: Each Committee will be composed of a chairperson, and volunteers for focus groups.

Section 3: Committees will meet as needed at the call of the chairperson.

Representation on Board of Trustees
Section 1: The Alumni Association will recommend to the Board of Trustees a pool of candidates to be considered for trusteeships on the Board of Trustees of Coker University.  The Bylaws of the Board of Trustees states that the committee on Trusteeship, “…will work to achieve and sustain a Board of Trustees in which at least one-third of its members consist of highly successful Coker University graduates who are committed to the success of the University.” (ARTICLE XIII Section 2, h. Committee on Trusteeship)

Parliamentary Authority
The rules contained in “Robert’s Parliamentary Law” and the latest edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order Revised” will govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws.

Amendments to the Bylaws
An article or portion of these bylaws may be amended, altered, or repealed at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active members present, provided a written notice of the proposed change, signed by two (2) members, is submitted to the Executive Board and given to the members at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting of the Association.