Why Coker?

The Best Reason

to Choose Coker University For Your Education

Why Coker?

The moment when someone really decides where they want to go to college usually happens when they discover a meaningful personal connection. That might mean connecting with a faculty member in the academic department you’re interested in, or a current student who leads you on a tour and shares their own experience. Or maybe, you’ll find a connection with an idea, or a part of the school’s culture and their community values. 

Whatever kind of connection you’re looking for, we trust that you will know it when you experience it! Here are some of the reasons other students found a meaningful connection at Coker.

We Do This Together

In 1985 we made a choice, as a school, that would make a huge difference in how our students learn and connect with one another. We call it our Round Table Learning model. 

Round Table Learning brings the ancient Socratic method of instruction and discussion into your classroom today for an experience you won’t find at other schools. Sharing ideas, discussing how they relate to the real world, helping one another grow, and finding your own confidence and leadership skills—these are all things that Round Table Learning will offer you. 

All the classes at Coker University are structured to offer you the opportunity to be known and participate in meaningful ways, but Round Table classes are a truly unique learning experience.

Beyond the Books

You can tell so much about a university when you spend a little time on campus. Every school’s culture is unique. When you visit Coker University, it’s easy to be impressed by the beauty of our 15-acre campus in the heart of a thriving small town downtown.

But what really makes Coker University unique? Connected is one of the best ways to describe the feeling here. From our residence life programs to student activities to the ways we’ve designed our common spaces—we’re serious about giving you different ways to socialize and collaborate with one another! You won’t find that at every school, but it’s right at the heart of our commitment to community and scholarship.

AccessCoker: Technology That Works for You

Every first-year student at our Hartsville campus is given an iPad® and Apple Pencil® as a part of our commitment to putting cutting edge technology in your hands while you’re preparing for your new career. The AccessCoker initiative gives you access to G Suite for Education, Blackboard discussion forums, campus social media channels, classroom apps, career resources, research platforms, and more. Everything about our digital campus resources are designed to help you collaborate with peers and your professors as you gain experience using the technology you’ll need in the future.

The Covenant at Coker University

A covenant is a shared and sacred promise to one another, and Coker University has one that articulates some of the things we value the most here. If you want to know why Coker University is a good fit for you, spend just a minute reading our covenant and think about if this is something you want to be a part of:

Styled icon of Coker University

Inspired by the six pillars of Davidson Hall,

I agree to uphold the following tenets of the Coker University Student Covenant.

I Will

Conduct myself with integrity and be responsible for my actions and their consequences.

Respect the rights, property, culture, and beliefs of others.

Engage myself as an honorable scholar inside and outside of the classroom.

Hold myself and others accountable for the sustainability of our environment.

Offer my knowledge and creativity to serve my community.

Contribute to the wider world through a continued pursuit of knowledge.

As Davidson Hall serves as the center landmark of our campus, so shall these six tenets serve as the foundation for my actions and decisions as a member of this community. By pledging to these tenets, I obligate myself to honor the principles that define Coker University.

Our Mission and Your Mission

Some schools are focused on research.
Others are committed to an organization they are affiliated with or funded by. 
Coker University is focused on students.

You are why we’re here. From the diverse and flexible degree options, to a liberal arts core that develops your personal skills and growth, we are here to give you the best education and college experience possible. 

There are a lot of ways to measure success in this world. At Coker University, we measure ours by the personal and professional accomplishments of everyone in our community. Some day very soon, we hope that includes you!