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Duane Aagaard

Full Name Department/Office Email
Duane Aagaard Duane Aagaard
Instructor - Master of Science in College Athletic Administration
M.S. College Athletic Administration
Michael Antoniewicz Michael Antoniewicz
Men's Soccer Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8168
Lisa Atkinson Lisa Atkinson
Admissions Operations Manager
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 383-8051
Dylan Bates Dylan Bates
Special Lecturer
Mathematics (843) 383-8044
Whitney Watts Bedard Whitney Watts Bedard
Dean of Student Success
Student Success Center (843) 383-8036
Aaron Beebe Aaron Beebe
Associate Director of Athletics
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4281
Jazmin Brockington Jazmin Brockington
Office Administrator and Event Coordinator
Office of Advancement (843) 383-8014
Dennis Burke Dennis Burke
Special Lecturer in Business
Business Administration (910) 476-6313
Andrew Burkemper Andrew Burkemper
Director, Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship; Assistant Professor of Business
School of Business (843) 383-8112
Dan Buryj Dan Buryj
Vice President of Administration and Finance.
(843) 383-8023
Ashley Carlson Ashley Carlson
Head Athletic Trainer
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8390
Rita Chandler Rita Chandler
Instructor of Music- Piano
Music (843) 383-9126
Richard E. Coldwell Richard E. Coldwell
Online & Bridge Student Success Coach
Student Success Center (843) 383-8016
Andrea L. Coldwell Andrea L. Coldwell
Dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences; Associate Professor of English
English (843) 383-8101
Whitney Cranford Whitney Cranford
Clinical Faculty, Psychology; Faculty Athletics Representative
Psychology (843) 383-8102
Cathleen G. Cuppett Cathleen G. Cuppett
Dean of Digital Learning and Information Technology
Digital Learning & Information Technology (843) 383-8121
Brianna D’Angelo Brianna D’Angelo
Head Acrobatics & Tumbling Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-8176
Karen Dauenhauer Karen Dauenhauer
Technical Director and Clinical Faculty
School of Visual & Performing Arts (843) 383-8382
Alataisha Dickson Alataisha Dickson
Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources (843) 383-8058
Morgan Downey Morgan Downey
Head Field Hockey Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4119
Marabeth Durden Marabeth Durden
Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4273
Phyllis G. Fields Phyllis G. Fields
Professor of Theatre
Theatre (843) 383-8383
Nicholas Fife Nicholas Fife
Adjunct Instructor of Music - Brass; Director of Coker College Brass Ensemble
Music (803) 984-7226
Katie Flaherty Katie Flaherty
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Administration 843.857.4227
Joseph E. Flaherty Joseph E. Flaherty
Professor of Biology; Director of Undergraduate Research; Coordinator of the Biology Education Program
Biology (843) 383-8079
Ginger D. Freeman Ginger D. Freeman
Assistant to the Vice President, College Experience & Chief Communications Officer
College Experience (843) 383-8199
Caroline Fulghum Caroline Fulghum
Coordinator and Student Success Coach
Student Success Center (843) 857-4131
Angela M. Gallo Angela M. Gallo
Professor of Dance; Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts
Dance (843) 383-8381
Jonathan Garren Jonathan Garren
Instruction and Outreach Librarian, Assistant Professor of Library Science
Library (843) 383-8126
Margaret J. Godbey Margaret J. Godbey
Associate Professor of English; Coordinator of First-Year Writing; Coordinator of the English Education Concentration
Education (843) 383-8118
Mary Grantham Mary Grantham
Admissions Counselor
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 857-4141
Don Grice Don Grice
Adjunct Professor of Music - Organ
Music 843-383-8064
Lynn Griffin Lynn Griffin
Vice President for Athletics and Athletic Facilities
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8071
Cindy E. Griggs Cindy E. Griggs
Assistant to the Vice President of Administration and Finance
Finance Office (843) 383-8023
Nathaniel Gulledge Nathaniel Gulledge
Associate Professor of Art; Coordinator of the Art Program
Art (843) 383-8152
Denisse Guzman Denisse Guzman
Pee Dee Coalition - Director, Prevention Education
(843) 701-8688
John Hackney John Hackney
Head Golf Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4216
Reed Hanna Reed Hanna
Clinical Faculty in Music; Coordinator of Instrumental Studies; Director - Coker University Concert Band
Music (843) 383-8064
Natalie Harder Natalie Harder
President of Coker University
Carolyn Hart Carolyn Hart
Dean of Nursing; Associate Professor of Nursing
(843) 383-8313
Cole Heatherly Cole Heatherly
Director of Residence Life
Office of Residence Life (843) 383-8171
Logan Henderson Logan Henderson
Director of eSports
Coker Athletics (843) 383-4136
Susan Henderson Susan Henderson
Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Office of the Provost (843) 383-8264
Daniel T. Hill Daniel T. Hill
Assistant Director of Kalmia Gardens
Kalmia Gardens (843) 383-8145
Darrell Holliday, Jr. Darrell Holliday, Jr.
Professor of Business
Business Administration (843) 383-8114
Tammy Huskey Tammy Huskey
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Finance Office (843) 383-8027
Mal Hyman Mal Hyman
Associate Professor of Sociology
Sociology (843) 383-8100
John Jewell John Jewell
Professor of Physical Education and Sport Studies
Physical Education and Sport Studies (843) 383-8166
Jody L. Johnson Jody L. Johnson
Coordinator of College Services
Mailroom (843) 857-4200
Joseph Kammerer Joseph Kammerer
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8073
Megan Kanyuk Megan Kanyuk
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Coker Athletics
Darryl A. Kelly Darryl A. Kelly
Special Lecturer of Business Administration
Business Administration (843) 616-1273
Janice Kiser Janice Kiser
Special Lecturer
Wiggins School of Education (843) 383-8399
Eileen Klang Eileen Klang
Program Director-Associate Professor of Nursing
(843) 383-8318
Julia Klimek Julia Klimek
Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies; Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Program
English (843) 383-8059
Rhonda Knight Rhonda Knight
Professor of English; James Wayne Lemke Chair in University Service and Leadership
English (843) 383-8120
Victoria Lawhon Victoria Lawhon
Campus Visit Coordinator and Admissions Counselor
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 857-4102
Ye Li Ye Li
Associate Professor of Chinese; Coordinator of the Chinese minor
Chinese (843) 857-4220
Justin Lyde Justin Lyde
Help Desk Analyst
Digital Learning & Information Technology 843-383-8323
Nancy Timms Matthews Nancy Timms Matthews
Library Acquisitions and Cataloging Coordinator
Library (843) 383-8128
Sandy F. McKenzie Sandy F. McKenzie
IT Specialist and Project Coordinator
Digital Learning & Information Technology (843) 383-8086
James E. McLaughlin James E. McLaughlin
Associate Professor of Physical Education and Sport Studies
Physical Education and Sport Studies (843) 383-8354
Jarred Merrill Jarred Merrill
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8092
Jake Miller Jake Miller
Assistant Director of Athletics for Media Relations
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4275
Sharon S. Moore Sharon S. Moore
Student Finance Consultant
Office of Student Financial Planning (843) 857-4113
Heather Norment Heather Norment
Executive Assistant to the President
Office of the President (843) 383-8010
Melinda B. Norris Melinda B. Norris
Associate Professor
Business Administration (843) 383-8148
Karen Ortiz Karen Ortiz
Coordinator for Student Internships, Certification and Dual Enrollment
(843) 383-8137
Suzanne Parker Suzanne Parker
Professor of Physical Education and Sport Studies; Coordinator for Physical Education and Sport Studies Program
Physical Education and Sport Studies (843) 383-8257
Kirsten A. Piatak Kirsten A. Piatak
Assistant Professor of Criminology; Coordinator of Criminology Program
M.S. Criminal & Social Justice Policy (843) 857-4124
Chris A. Pierce Chris A. Pierce
Grounds Supervisor
Kalmia Gardens (843) 383-8145
Rachel Pinton Rachel Pinton
Instructor - Master of Science in College Athletic Administration
M.S. College Athletic Administration
Renny Prince Renny Prince
Exhibition Director
Art (843) 383-8156
Jennifer Raia Jennifer Raia
Professor of Biology; Director of the Honors Program; Coordinator of the Environmental Studies Minor; Coordinator of Biology Program
Biology (843) 383-8396
Lynn Rawls Lynn Rawls
Director, Institutional Research
Institutional Research (843) 383-8045
Jennifer S. Rhodes Jennifer S. Rhodes
Assistant to the Provost; Coordinator of Student Accessibility Support
Office of the Provost (843) 383-8012
Lacey Rice-Serafin Lacey Rice-Serafin
Director of Online and Graduate Admissions; Interim Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Office of Graduate Admissions (843) 383-8050
Robin L. Richardson Robin L. Richardson
Director of International Student Services Student Success Coach
Student Success Center (843) 383-8021
Gid E. Rowell Gid E. Rowell
Instructor - Master of Science in College Athletic Administration
M.S. College Athletic Administration
Julia Rowland Julia Rowland
Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4101
Gus Schmader Gus Schmader
Head Cross Country/Track and Field Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4196
Daniel J. Schmotzer Daniel J. Schmotzer
Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness
Physical Education and Sport Studies (843) 858-0739
Natalia Schradle Natalia Schradle
Assistant Professor of Dance
Dance (843) 383-8067
Randy Self Randy Self
Clinical Faculty
Wiggins School of Education
Scott Sell Scott Sell
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8390
Annisa Barry Sheffield Annisa Barry Sheffield
Records Specialist
Office of Academic Records (843) 383-8030
Michael L. Siegfried Michael L. Siegfried
Professor of Criminology and Sociology
Tom Simpson Tom Simpson
Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 495-2735
Meredith Sims Meredith Sims
Associate Professor of Dance; Coordinator of Dance Program
Dance (843) 383-8335
Darlene B. Small Darlene B. Small
Director of the Center for Diversity, Interfaith, and Inclusion Education
Center for Diversity, Interfaith & Inclusion Education (843) 383-8039
John Snow John Snow
Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4272
Joseph Stevano Joseph Stevano
Associate Professor of Business
Business Administration (843) 383-8041
Lisa Stockdale Lisa Stockdale
Assistant Professor Of Education; Coordinator of the Early Childhood Education Program
M.Ed. Literacy Studies (843) 383-8133
Megan Stone Megan Stone
Head Spirit Squad Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4274
Ashlee Taylor Ashlee Taylor
Assistant Lecturer
Dance (864) 230-7302
Ambrosia D. Teabo Ambrosia D. Teabo
Student Accounts Manager
Office of Student Accounts (843) 383-8026
Sami Varjosaari Sami Varjosaari
Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry
Chemistry (843) 383-8089
James Wacker James Wacker
Assistant Professor of Business
Business Administration (843) 857-4199
Joshua Webb Joshua Webb
Associate Professor of Theatre; Coordinator of the Theatre Program; Director of Performance Services
Theatre (843) 383-8378
Sarah Webster Sarah Webster
Access Services Specialist
Library (843) 383-8127
Stephanie Weiss Stephanie Weiss
Assistant Professor of Business
Business Administration (843) 383-8113
Angela F. White Angela F. White
Office of Student Financial Planning (843) 857-4114
Tracy Whitted Tracy Whitted
Program Coordinator for the MS in College Athletic Administration Program; Clinical Faculty in Business
M.S. College Athletic Administration (505) 730-7377
Mac Williams Mac Williams
Professor of Spanish; Coordinator of the Foreign Language Program
Spanish (843) 383-8117
Michael Williamson Michael Williamson
Director, Campus Safety and Security/Interim Title IX Coordinator
Campus Safety (843) 383-8194
Lonni Wilson Lonni Wilson
Instructor - Master of Science in College Athletic Administration
M.S. College Athletic Administration
Graham Wood Graham Wood
Professor of Music; Co-Coordinator of the Music Program
Music (843) 383-0457
Rose Yeagley Rose Yeagley
Assistant Lecturer