Brittany Yando Baltzer


Name Summary Class Year
Brittany Yando Baltzer Married Maxwell Baltzer on April 29, 2017 2013
Krista Thorpe Aurora Ivring was born in the spring of 2017 2014
Carson Roschel Byrd Carson Roschel Byrd November 5, 1947 - March 27, 2017 2014
Kristen Bergsteiner Briggman Married Christopher Briggman on january 14, 2017 2010
William “Billy” Simpson Michael Thomas Simpson was born August 30, 2016 2013
Artur Cabral Artur Cabral Recent Coker men's volleyball graduate Artur Cabral has signed a professional contract with Santo André Super Vôlei, located in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil 2017