Christian P. Stryker


Name Summary Class Year
Christian P. Stryker Harper Grace Stryker was born May 19, 2017 2004
Neely Davis Harrell Congratulations to Neely and Chad Harrell on the birth of their daughter.

Sullivan Grace was born April 16, 2018.
Elizabeth Cox Fulwood and Ryan Fulwood Congratulations to Elizabeth and Ryan on the birth of their daughter.

Brooklyn Celeste was born April 16, 2018.
Luke Haselden Congratulations to Courtney and Luke Haselden '10 on ther birth of their son Parker Wayne on March 17, 2018.

Terie Watkins Rousseau Congratualtions to Terie and Bob Rousseau on the birth of twin boys Silas Craig and Jackson Richard on November 16, 2017 2004
Shannon Lalla Candler Shannon Lalla Candler Shannon and Matthew Candler annouce the birth of their second daughter 2003
Ali Graham Ali Graham Congratulations to Ali and Connie Graham on the birth of their twins 1999
Brandy Michelle Ward Congratulations on the birth of a daughter on September 9, 2017 2007
Shannon Townley Prather Rosalind Elizabeth Prather was born on August 28, 2017 to Nathan and Shannon Prather 2009
Nick Pierce Benjamin Allen Pierce was born August 11, 2015 2009