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Shannon Townley Prather


Name Summary Class Year
Shannon Townley Prather Rosalind Elizabeth Prather was born on August 28, 2017 to Nathan and Shannon Prather 2009
Nick Pierce Benjamin Allen Pierce was born August 11, 2015 2009
Ben Chastain Harrison Chastain was born to Ben and Rebecca on August 19, 2016 2010
Amanda Witt Meyer Amanda Witt Meyer Samuel Henry Meyer was born June 24, 2017 2012
April Griggs Aaron Isaiah Bristol in January 2017 2013
Sarah Schmotzer Sarah Schmotzer Theodore Joseph Tsatsoulas was born January 26, 2017 2011
Daniel H. Meyer Daniel H. Meyer Samuel Henry Meyer was born June 24, 2017 2011
Leanne Chandler Leanne Chandler Leanne Chandler and Tashja Booysen Chandler celebrated the birth of Alexander Eric Chandler who was born July 13, 2017 2004
Ricky Meinhold Carter Ross Meinhold was born August 1, 2017 to Ricky and Hillary Meinhold. He weighs 8 lbs.and 6 ounces and is a little over 20 inches long. 2013
AJ Sweeney Tripp Sweeney was born December 27, 2016 2010