Class of 1986 News Spring 2021

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Hello Coker Friends,

Wow…What a year! COVID-19 has been a bummer for everyone. I hope that all of you have survived relatively unscathed. There have been so many Americans and people around the world that lost their lives, loved ones, jobs, homes, and more. I am thankful for our scientific community for developing the vaccines so quickly and hope that we will be able to get back to a new normal this summer. That means meeting up with family and friends, going to the lake, celebrating graduations, birthdays, traveling on vacations, going out to eat, attending ball games, and heading to Coker for Homecoming~can I get a high five and a Whoop Whoop!

I reached out to several classmates but didn’t get any news back this go round so, I will share with you some of my news. We added a new fur baby to our family in February. What a great Valentine’s gift to each other. Vicki and I are in love with this little fella named Teddy Bear. He is a Blue Roan and Tan colored Coker Spaniel and has been a great companion for our chocolate Poodle Truffles who lost his mojo when he lost his big sister Tooty Fruity last July. Losing Mom in December of 2019 and Tooty so close together has been really tough on us, but Teddy brightens our spirits and makes us laugh everyday with his goofy, puppy schananagans. I will be posting lots of photos on FB because he’s soooo adorable! I also became a great Aunt…not that I wasn’t one already ;). My first born niece had a son this Spring and named him Brayden Reece. Our twin niece and nephew will be graduating HS this summer…we’re all getting younger…hehe. We are so proud of our youngest niece, Jessica for her hard work, drive, and dedication to academics and athletics. It has paid off royally because she will be attending the University of North Carolina in the Fall. I guess this means we are Gamecock and also Tar Heel fans…road trips to Chapel Hill coming up…

I would love to hear from everyone from the Class of ’86. Come on and reach out to me old friends so I can write your stories in the Commentary.

You can reach me by email
You can reach me by my cell
I don’t care how you reach me
Just get me if you can…

Peace, Love, and Happiness~ “Trigger”

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