Online/Evening/Bridge Program – Tuition & Fees

Coker University offers federal and state aid to students. Students are packaged with federal and state aid based upon eligibility criteria. Please contact to discuss your options.

Tuition (Per Credit Hour)$425
Coker Advantage (Technology) Fee*
*Annual cost (Actual fee is $15 per term for a total of $60/year)

Tuition costs do not include course materials.

For South Carolina residents…

For South Carolina residents, after applying state and federal aid, a bachelor’s degree earned online from Coker University could be as affordable as just a few hundred dollars per year. 

Approximate annual tuition for a Coker University online bachelor’s degree

$12,700/ year 

S.C. lottery funds (average)

$5000 (SC Life Scholarship)

S.C. tuition grant


Federal Pell Grant (need-based)


Tuition after applying S.C. state and federal aid

$325/ year

Students qualify for a LIFE scholarship by meeting two of the following three criteria:  1. 3.0 high SC GPA, 2. 1100 SAT or 24 ACT, 3. Rank in the top 30% of graduating class

In the event a student attends class(es) and finds it necessary to withdraw, charges will be reduced as follows:
● On or before the last day of Drop/Add 100% refund
● During the first 20% of class 50% refund
● During the second 20% of class 25% refund
● After 40% of class No refund

Students are encouraged to review the Tuition and Fee Policies as outlined in the most current Academic Catalog.

Office of Student Financial Aid Planning
phone: (843) 857-4112