First Year Experience


Your story starts here.

As a first-year student at Coker, you are joining a vibrant academic community—and most importantly—a very special college family. We know that coming to college requires an adjustment, and you aren’t expected to figure everything out on your own. Your faculty, staff, and fellow Cobras are here to support you.

To help you transition into your new role as a Coker University student, we have created the First Year Experience. This series of programs, events, and activities is designed to provide you with opportunities to meet new people, get acquainted with the college, and set yourself up for success during your time here.

On behalf of everyone at Coker University, welcome to campus! It’s great to have you here!

  • As you get ready to begin your college experience, there are a few things you can do to make your adjustment to Coker as smooth as possible.

    First, sign up for Coker Connection!  All new incoming students are required to attend a Coker Connection program. Coker Connection are one day events (with the exception of Coker Connection: Extended) designed to give new students a head start on their academic experience at Coker.

    You should also take the Navigate Coker online course (available on Blackboard), which will help you become familiar with the systems and processes that we use here at Coker.

    Finally, check out the New Student ChecklistThis step-by-step guide will help you navigate the details as you prepare to start classes.

  • When you first arrive on campus, the Office of Student Success will lead you through Cobra Questour new student orientation. This four-day program will allow you to meet fellow classmates and connect with the wide variety of resources available to Coker students.

  • During your first semester, you will complete the first-year transition course: Coker University 101 (CC 101). You will also travel with your entire first-year class to Washington, D.C. for Cobras in the Capital, a unique academic experience.

    There are also a number of events and resources designed specifically for first-year students.

  • WIth your first semester coming to an end, it’s time to recognize all of your good work. Completing your first semester of college is a big accomplishment!

    Be sure to stop by our end-of-semester celebration, when we will take a moment to appreciate your success and also learn more about how you can be successful in the semester ahead.

    Congratulations—You’re halfway through your first year!

Be part of our community, as we work together to learn, lead, and inspire.

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