Coker’s education major combines a strong liberal arts core with the specialized content and professional education courses necessary to excel as a leader and professional in the education field.

The Coker model is unique in that every education course has a corresponding field experience in a real public school classroom, where you’ll observe and work with PK-12 students. These field experiences, which begin in your first year and continue throughout the program, give you real teaching experience from your first methods class (taken during your first or second year). Our program prepares you for certification, but it also prepares you with strong content knowledge and the skills to apply innovative ideas and teaching models that adjust to your students’ individual needs. When you graduate with a Coker education degree, you graduate ready to be not just a teacher, but also a mentor and partner in the learning process.


Connecting Home, School & Community

Learning doesn’t happen exclusively in a classroom. In this course, you’ll explore the importance of collaboration between home, school, and the broader community in a child’s education. You will learn about the role of a teacher in building these partnerships, along with the strengths and needs of families in a diverse and multicultural society.


Classroom Pragmatics: Assessment and Management

Having the knowledge and skills to effectively use assessment and create safe, engaging learning environments is an essential part of teaching. In this course, you will learn how to use effective assessment practices to provide the feedback and motivation students need to excel, as well as develop critical classroom management strategies for effective teaching.


Educational Technology

Technology has become part of our everyday lives—and it’s part of our students’ lives, too. In this course, you’ll explore different lessons, applications, and approaches to digital learning. You’ll learn how to integrate technology into the K-12 classroom to support your students and help them be successful.


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One Degree That Opens All These Doors

  • $39,000

    Teacher (Darlington County, Year 1)

  • $49,460

    Curriculum Coordinator

  • $55,300

    Corporate Trainer

  • $41,281

    Academic Advisor

  • $43,263

    Adult Education Teacher

  • $36,857


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Coker University’s Education program meets the requirements for licensure in the state of South Carolina; we cannot confirm that the program meets all the requirements for professional licensure in other states.  The Dean of the School of Education is able to provide additional information about professional licensure for your review. 

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