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Well after many years away from Coker University, I found myself drawn back into the fold. A quick recap of the past 24 years (!!): My husband Toby and I recently celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. We have a lovely 10 year old daughter named Esther and a menagerie of animals (dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and chickens). We live in Aiken, SC and are blessed with owning our own construction company. Over the last few years, I have been able to reconnect via social media with many of our classmates. Here is a few updates:

Angie Clark Copley lives in Rock Hill, SC and is married with 1 son and 2 stepchildren. She received her Master’s Degree in Teaching in 2009 and currently teaches middle school studio art and sculpture classes. She is also a chair of the Related Arts Department and assists in writing and managing art grants for her school.

Marianne Baker Cowley lives in Kingstree, SC with her 16 year old daughter Reagan and 12 year old son Luke. She works as the Finance Director for the Town of Kingstree. She is also on the Williamsburg Hometown Chamber Board and the Lake City Community Theatre Board. It was her and her daughter’s involvement with the theatre that gave Marianne an opportunity recently to run into Angie Clark Copley, Jennifer Grandstand ’96, Elizabeth Osborne ’94,and Ana Atkins.  Marianne was able to visit Coker recently with her daughter as not only an alumni but now as a prospective Coker parent.

Dorian Houser ’92 lives outside of San Diego, CA in a town named Ramona. He is the Director of Conservation and Biological Research for the National Marine Mammal Foundation. He gets to work with dolphins on a daily basis!! It really doesn’t get much cooler than that. He and his wife Barbara have a 10 year old son named TJ as well as a cat named Caramel and a dog named Welfare.They are very active in their church and recently Dorian began serving as a pastor along with working with the youth ministry. Dorian did share that he had a recent health scare (cancer) but has since recovered. He travels a good bit – Poland, Spain and Malta in just the last few weeks. He mentioned that he would love to come back to visit at a reunion weekend and I plan to hold him to that.

Heather Lawson Auger ’95 and my sister, is an easy one for me to catch up with on a daily basis. Heather lives in Atlanta is with her husband of 14 years Marc and their 10 year old twins Daphne and Liam. They also have 2 dogs, Ida and Coal. Heather is a Managing Director at Southern Company Gas where she works on utility accounting with her CPA degree. She spends her time with her awesome sister Rebecca Lawson Marks at their shared property in Beaufort, SC.

I ran into Glenn Fulmer ’92 and Deanna Eaddy Protheroe last March at an event in Aiken and we got to catch up. Glenn works in Hartsville and Deanna is in Camden. They have been dating since 2014 and are always posting the delicious places to eat in the Pee Dee area.

I hope this made you smile a bit and if you want to catch me up on what you have been doing the last few years, please email me at Take care and have a wonderful summer.


Rebecca Lawson-Marks

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