Class of 1986, News November 2017

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Hello Coker Friends,

Alumni weekend was special this year for Lynn Owens-Watts, Lisa Johnson-Ard, Lisa “Flea” Bruorton-Jones, Tina Blackmon-Morton, Lisha Morant and yours truly. We had the distinct honor of being selected to the Coker Women’s Basketball All-Time Team. There are six players on the 1st Team, six players on the 2nd Team, and 11 players on the Honorable Mention Team. I had the pleasure of lacing up my sneakers and donning a jersey with five of those extraordinary Cobras during my two years at Coker. That’s right…there are six “Ladies from the 80’s” out of the twenty-three players on the All-Time Team. A big thank you to our beloved families and friends who were at “The Snake Pit” to help us celebrate and sending hugs for those of you who flooded Facebook for days with heart felt congratulation wishes. In attendance as always, was our much loved Cobra Godfather, Coach Terry. Dewey Norris made a long road trip from Pittsburg to be with us joined by fellow Cobras, Kenneth “Sun Bear” Broom, Ricky Blanks, Michele “SID” Johnson, Kathy Harsh-Cunningham, Helen Mason-Allen, and Pat Brooks.

I would like to give a shout-out to Gina “Coop” Cooper, who was a solid player herself, for starting her future coaching career by recruiting two future two time Basketball All-Americans, myself and “Flea”. She was instrumental in bringing many athletes to Coker with her charismatic, fun-loving personality. Bobbi Brumble-Zimmerman was also a valued and loved teammate who is now a high school girls basketball coach in Columbia and was influential in bringing on board another super-star, Lisha Morant. Lynn Owens-Watts is a homegrown fierce rebounding “fear the fang” fighting machine who was destined to shine at Coker and what a lucky catch for the Cobras. The leader of our pack, Coach Susan Blakely was the engine behind our success. She recruited many good players in her tenure but she had an especially great day when she signed two hot-shots, all around standout Lisa Johnson and quick as lightning, Tina Blackmon. So proud of all of these ladies. I can hear the Bell Tower ringing. Congrats once again Lady Cobras, our blood runneth Blue and Gold…sssssssssss.

We want to know what everyone of you has been doing for the last 30 years. So come on Cobras talk to me…

You can reach me by email
You can reach me by my cell
I don’t care how you reach me 
Just get me if you can…

Peace, Love, and Happiness~


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