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Cheers Coker friends, It was so good to see many of you at Homecoming this past February at the beautiful DeLoach Center.  I really loved catching up with everyone during the men and women’s basketball games.  The only problem was that I’m so busy talking and laughing that I missed most of the games.  The athletes today are so lucky to be able to play and train in such a great new state of the art athletic facility, but I still love the old hardwood floors in the Timberlake-Lawton gymnasium.  I didn’t see any of my classmates at the game but I did see a few from various other 80’s classes. So…here are their stories. Hope you enjoy them.

Pennie Cathey Peagler ’89—Look who just joined the Big 5-0 Club along with many of our Coker friends.  We are now all much wiser and wealthier than we were back in the 80’s living in the dorms on College Ave.  Pennie has passed on her love for Coker by encouraging her oldest son to become a student at our beloved college in Hartsville while her middle son got her athletic gene and is the starting goalkeeper on his high school JV soccer team.  Her youngest daughter wants to slide into her Mom’s kneepads and try out for her schools volleyball team.  Ernie and Pennie are celebrating 26 years of marriage and they love to snow ski and RV when she can break away from being a part time soccer and volleyball Mom.

Stephen B. Curl ’88—I haven’t seen Curl since graduation in ’86.  Good to see him and find out about his life.  He and Debbie have been married for 27 years and live in Cummings, GA. where he is a manager at Kroger.  They have a son and daughter and when not working he spends time with family and likes to hunt.  Curl still laces up his sneaks and hits the hardwood once in a while for old times sake then pays the price as we all do.  Ice…Ice…baby! J

Stephen A. Schulte ’88—Schulte and Mariamne have 2 daughters.  Their youngest is a chip off the old block and can shoot just like her dad…maybe even better.  She wears the #22 jersey for Tulane University and will be a returning junior.  Schulte is also very proud of their oldest daughter who just got back from teaching in Thailand.  Stephen is the co-owner of ProCare Prosthetics and Orthotics and lives in Braselton, GA.

Darrin Hayes ’89—Darrin’s always posting great photos of their latest exciting adventures 4-wheeling, boating, riding Harley’s and traveling in their fifth wheel with their best friends, their son and daughter in-law.  As if that’s not enough to keep him busy he also loves to play golf and go to concerts.

Lisa Johnson Ard ’88—Lisa is a teacher and coach.  She coaches middle school basketball and high school softball at East Clarendon.  She and Ike celebrated 27 years of marriage and she is a proud Mama of two sons that share her love of sports.  Her oldest son is a recent USC-Aiken graduate that was a catcher for the Pacers. Her baby boy wanted to be like his big brother and carry on the baseball dynasty at USCA as a pitcher.

Tina Blackmon Morton ’89—Tina and Jim have been married for 19 years and are the proud parents of a kitty cat and two labs named Katy and Savannah.  She is an animal and nature lover, like myself, and lives in Western North Carolina.  She’s a mountain girl that loves her daily 4-mile hikes with her labs in sunny or snowy weather.  I bet Katy and Savannah have to hustle to keep up with Tina.  She was always first running suicides in basketball practice.  Wow, she is a rocket.  Its’ a thrill to spend time with her at Homecoming and get one of her bear hugs.  She will squeeze the breath out of you J

Kathy Harsh Cunningham ’90—Kathy and her family are doing well and she still laughs at everything.  She and her husband have been married for 23 years and have one son, Ben.  They live in Georgetown where she owns her own medical transcriptionist business and with her free time she is with family and friends.  We all love to see Kathy at Homecoming because she is so sweet, happy and loves her Coker buddies.  She especially loves trouble making with one of her BFF’s, Helen Mason Allen ’91.  Helen is living in Charlotte but will take a road trip to Hartsville anytime to see her Coker friends.  She is married and has a daughter that is a swimmer for the University of Tennessee. She is a proud Mama sporting Tennessee orange while cheering for her daughter.

Lisa “Flea” Bruorton Jones ’88—Flea spends her time teaching at South Florence H.S. and spending time with family and friends.  She loves cheering for the Clemson Tigers and playing in a 4.0 tennis league.  Her team won the 2016 state championship, and I’ve heard she is really good. She and Bobby have been married for 27 years and travel a good bit when they can get a pet sitter for their 3 furry children.

Kenny Nance ’88—Kenny is the matrimony record holder.  He and his wife have two children and have been married for 29 years.  They live in Cordele, GA. where he is the proud CEO at Kent Nance State Farm agency.  He credits his success to his Coker education and sends a shout out to Ed Quilty and Dr. Bill Burnett.  Kenny is very active in his community as a mentor teaching financial literacy to the local elementary school kids, and he uses the basketball skills he perfected at Coker to run a summer basketball camp.  When he has time left in his busy schedule he enjoys playing golf and he said, “he’s living the dream”.

Michelle “Sid” Johnson ’89—“Sid” lives in Shiloh but puts in some windshield time commuting to Florence and Columbia for work.  She’s been with the South Carolina Forestry Commission for 26 years and when not working she’s watching her many nieces and nephews play sports and just hanging out having fun.

I would love to hear from everyone from the Class of ’86.  Come on and reach out to me old friends so I can write your stories in the Spring 2018 Commentary.

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Revised Lyrics by Trigger Martin J

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