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Hello Coker Friends,

Warmer weather is approaching and I am remembering how beautiful our campus is with all the flowers blooming during the Spring. Basketball season is over but we still had lots of fun things to do and see before summer break. Let’s reminisce about the Music, Theater and Dance Performances, Spring Sports, May Day, the Boat House and Crew Races, Final Exams, and finally wishing our friends farewell and good luck with their lives and careers on Graduation Day!

I recently heard from June “June Bug” Beasley. Let’s congratulate her on her retirement in 2015 from a rewarding career in the South Carolina Adult and Juvenile Criminal Justice System. So glad to hear from “June Bug” and to discover where life has taken her.

Here is her story…In May 2015, I retired from the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice after serving as a master level social worker V. The majority of my career was in the criminal justice system before transitioning into a hospital setting serving pediatric and adult HIV/AIDS clients. During my career I also focused on the juvenile justice system in an attempt to reach younger offenders from re-offending. I worked in two maximum security units before transferring to the community division where I networked with alternative schools providing service for elementary to high school students and at-risk teens.

I then transitioned back behind the fence at DJJ as a crisis intervention social worker and after a brief promotion as a unit manager I decided to retire with police officer and state retirement benefits.

After retiring I relocated to Athens Georgia and am active in my local Presbyterian Church and enjoy recreational events. However, I remain a loyal Clemson Tiger fan! My hope is to make an impact with at-risk youth through my church’s Downtown Academy in the near future. I want to be a mentor and serve as an assistant coach in various sports.

It was great hearing from you “June Bug” and thank you for your social work within our Criminal Justice System to save our youth and make South Carolina a safer place to live.

So…come on Coker friends. Let me hear from you so I can share your stories too…

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Peace, Love, and Happiness~

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