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Internship Program

Internship Program


The Student Success Center facilitates internships for academic credit for all majors, excluding Education. To see if your major is eligible for internship credit through the Student Success Center, please contact our office at

We are here to help you every step of the way – so keep us in the loop while you are at your internship. We will check in with you officially at the midpoint and end of your internship, but are here for you to answer questions, help sort out work conflicts, assist with difficult conversations, help you find additional work training, etc. Just let us know how we can help your internship experience be even better! We will also be in touch with your supervisor at the beginning, middle and end of your internship experience. So make sure you keep us up to date if contact information changes for you or your direct supervisor. We look forward to working with you!

Why should you do an internship? You can:

  • Explore your major and learn about more career options
  • Network and make contacts in your field of interest
  • Develop your talent and gain valuable skills and experience
  • Receive academic credit toward your program
  • Add value to your resume
  • Get paid – though this is not guaranteed for all internships

Eligible students should meet the following requirements:

  • Junior or Senior status (for academic credit)
  • Approval from faculty supervisor
  • Attend Internship Orientation

Regularly offered internship classes:

  • BA-343 Internship in Management
  • BA-347 Internship in Entrepreneurship
  • BA-346 Internship in Marketing
  • BA-348 Internship in Sport Marketing
  • BA-354 Internship in Economics
  • BA-445 Applications of Business Administration
  • COM-390 Internship in Communication
  • CRIM-431 Practicum in Criminology
  • ECON-350 Internship in Economics
  • IS-400 Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Capstone
  • MUS-399 Internship in Music
  • PE-450 Internship in Physical Education
  • PSY-490 Internship in Psychology and Counseling

Don’t see your class listed in your major? Consult your faculty advisor!


If you are planning to do an internship, whether it is for academic credit or not, begin by meeting with your faculty advisor to determine who will be the faculty supervisor and confirm the internship will fit into your academic plan. Once you have met with your faculty advisor, your next step is to complete an internship orientation.

Internship Coordinators/ Faculty Supervisors:

Business Administration (BA343, BA 346, BA 347, BA 348, BA 354, BA 445, BA 446):
Dr. Marvin Keene,

Communication (COM 390):
Dr. Jen Heusel,

Interdisciplinary Studies (IS 200, IS 400):
Dr. Julia Klimek,

Physical Education (PE-450):
Dr. Jim McLaughlin,

Art, Biology, Chemistry, Criminology, Dance, English, Music, Psychology, Sociology, Theater and all other majors Please consult your faculty advisor on the best person to serve as your faculty supervisor for your internship.

This session will provide an overview of expectations, requirements, and options for possible internship sites. Click here for upcoming dates. Please note that the Student Success Center is currently offering the Internship Orientation virtually. 

Identify and confirm your internship site & site supervisor

The Internship Learning Contract needs to be submitted along with your Internship Verification Form. You must meet with your internship site supervisor and agree on your learning outcomes before beginning the internship. Your internship site supervisor and faculty supervisor must sign this form. You will be required to upload this completed contract as part of the Internship Verification Form. Click below to access the contract:

The Internship Learning Contract

Once you are certain you plan to do an internship for credit, complete the Internship Verification form. This online form is required in order to register for your internship. Without completing this form and submitting it for approval – you will not earn course credit for your internship. Additionally, you are required to upload/attach your Internship Learning Contract while completing this form. Click below to access this form:

Internship Verification Form


Once you have completed the necessary paperwork and turned all documents in, the Student Success Center will share a Google Folder with you with a copy of your completed Internship Learning Contract, a copy of your timesheets, and an internship checklist.

If you are completing the internship for academic credit, be sure to contact your Faculty Supervisor for a copy of the class syllabus.

  • Supervisor’s Mid-term Evaluation of Intern: Your internship site supervisor will complete a performance evaluation at this time. This information will be sent to your faculty supervisor as part of your grade for the internship course.
  • Site Visit: The student, faculty supervisor, and on-site supervisor may be asked to participate in a site visit or site call.
  • Supervisor’s Final Evaluation of Intern: Once you have completed your required hours, you will turn in a final evaluation of your internship experience. Your site supervisor will also submit a final reflection on your performance for our review. This information will be sent to your faculty liaison as part of your grade for the internship course.
  • Reflection Journal: This will be a reflection on your daily activities and significant events. See instructions on linked page.
  • Resume: Once you have completed your internship, you will need to complete and submit an updated resume.
  • Timesheet: You will track your hours via a timesheet shared with you by the Student Success Center (see Google Folder info above). Remember, you need to complete 45 site hours to earn one academic credit hour. So for a 3 credit hour course, you will be completing 135 site hours.

*Additional assignments may be required based on your course requirements. See the course syllabus.