Checking Out of a Room

Checking Out of a Room

All students must complete an official check-out of their room with Residence Life staff for the following reasons:

  • Moving into a different room on campus
  • Withdrawing from the University
  • Permanently moving out at the end of the semester

If you are checking out of a room at the end of the semester, end of the academic year, or for a mid-semester move, all checkouts will look the same. You must:

  • Move all belongings out of the room and return all furniture to the original positions.
  • Clean your entire space.
  • Contact your current RA ahead of time to schedule a time to complete the check-out.
  • Your RA will meet you at your room at the scheduled time with paperwork for you to complete.
  • Your RA will go through the entire space with you, checking all areas, and ensuring the space is ready for the next student to move into it. Any damages and uncleaned parts of the room will be noted, which may result in a charge billed to your student account.
  • Sign your Room Inventory Form.
  • Your RA will take the room keys from you and the check out is completed.

Once you have checked out of a room, you may not enter the space again without permission from the Office of Residence Life. As such, please ensure all of your belongings are out of the room and the space is clean before you check out.

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