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Educational Travel at Coker University 

March 2024

Art 386: Art in the United States

An annual program exploring art and design in vibrant cities such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

This travel course allows students to study in a city throughout the United States with vibrant art and design scenes. During this program, students visit art museums, cultural centers, and historical sites. This March, Professor Austin Sheppard will lead a group of students in NYC.

Early April

Interdisciplinary Studies 180:Camping

Students develop a small research proposal based on coursework they have completed (usually in their major) and execute their research in an outdoor environment, such as Congaree National Park, during a three-day camping trip. Participants learn how to pitch a tent, pack their backpacks, plan outdoor meals as part of a group, and collaborate as they explore the natural environment and complete their projects. Use your own gear or borrow everything from us; the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies supports all participants.

Contact: Dr. Julia Klimek at

Physical Education 322: Adventure Education Activities

This program develops cooperative and fundamental techniques and skills for safe participation in a variety of adventure activities through classroom-based and real-world experiences. It involves participating in real-world environmental stewardship and learning life-long skills such as swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc.

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Dr. Margaret Godbey poses in front of Davidson Hall on Coker's campus.

Dr. Margaret J. Godbey is the Director of Educational Travel. Students may reach her at

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