The study of English language and literature encompasses all facets of humanity.

You’ll study writing and literary theory, of course, but you’ll also study history, art, social customs, religion, culture, and more.

At Coker, our discussion-based round-table learning philosophy challenges you to explore, communicate, and defend your ideas, training you to think critically and ask purposeful questions. You don’t just absorb information; you interact with the coursework in a way that teaches you a deeper way of thinking. Combined with individual guidance and one-on-one attention from professors, it’s the type of transformative experience you’ll find more often at the graduate level. By the end of your four years, you will have gained strong communication skills, a broad knowledge base of literature and culture—and a deep understanding of what it means to be human.


Their Story, Our Story: Reading the Past

One of the most important features of the English major and liberal arts core is a focus on understanding the world around us. In this course, you will examine historical events through primary and secondary texts. You will read literature from a variety of periods, offering new perspectives on events of the time. Together with your classmates and faculty, you will examine how time and distance influence our perspective on war, conflict, and social movements.


Writing for the Workplace

Writing is a valuable skill for any professional, no matter your industry. This course will empower you to communicate effectively in the work environment. You will practice writing for a variety of specialized and general audiences, in several simulated workplace scenarios. You’ll also learn how to craft professional documents, including cover letters, resumes, memos, proposals, formal reports, and more.


Creative Nonfiction

Memoir, personal essays, and literary journalism all fall under the genre of creative nonfiction—a genre that allows for personal expression and the sharing of human experiences. In this course, you will read and analyze a variety of creative nonfiction pieces, while discussing issues of craft and ethics related to nonfiction storytelling. Constructive critiques of student work will be shared in a group setting, as well as one-on-one with your professor.


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