Class of 2005 News Summer 2020

Class Rep News

Jessica Brill Lloyd – Hello class of ’05, I do hope everyone is faring well during the pandemic. The word we keep using here in Alabama is “bizarre.” Many people are feeling the burdens of life at this time, but I truly hope all of you are looking at the positives and moving forward as best you can.

Curtis Lloyd (’01) and I are really enjoying our neighborhood in Trussville, AL and the weather at this time that has given us the freedom to bike ride regularly, take walks, and social distance visit with neighbors. Our daughter Tori finished her 5th grade homeschool work in record time! Currently I am still working on multiple recitals and concerts that had to be rescheduled due to health restrictions. Curtis has been working faithfully as an essential business employee. We are hoping to be able to visit South Carolina and Coker once things have settled down.

William James wrote  that he had just returned from a wonderful trip with his husband, along with a group of friends, to London and Edinburgh the day before everyone went into lockdown.  They were incredibly blessed that the timing worked out so that they weren’t stuck anywhere and were all well. He has also been fortunate to be working from home. As an employee of the farm credit system, William said that it has been incredible to see their people adapt so quickly to the remote work situation while also rallying to provide financial support to the agricultural industry.  Willam has been making the best of the time at home by trying new recipes, working in the yard, and spending lots of time with his pups.

’Til next time Class of 2005, and I do hope it is with talk of many blessings born out of any struggles caused by the COVID-19 event.

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