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Class of 1969

It is always my joy to connect with classmates. I have received greetings to pass on to the class from: Gail Townsend, Nancy Stoutamire, Pam Hall and Hyatt Brandt. It is good to know they are doing well and sending greetings.

I was finally able to contact June Rownd; we quit playing phone tag. I had a delightful conversation with her. She shared she is staying in out of the heat and just tunes in some TV shows she finds interesting. She was planning to call with her older son, AJ, who is currently in Northern California. She wanted to see if he was experiencing the horrible heat wave some in the Northwest have been enduring. She joked about how AJ had decided to see the USA in his Toyota – like they used to advertise “See the USA in your Chevrolet”, as you might recall. AJ pans to return in October. Her younger son, Josh,  lives near and they have lunch together often. She shared she had had lunch with Frankie Watson a few months back but did not realize she had moved to Summerville.

I checked in with Frankie Watson and happened to catch her on a visit with her daughters. Frankie had spent several days with her daughter, Fran, who is moving from one city in Colorado to another. She was just winding up her trip with her other daughter, Grace, who lives in Tucson, Arizona. She expressed how in this stage of her life she was enjoying being able to spend more time with family. You may recall she had moved to Summerville to be closer to her son, Brian, and his family. Because of her move to Summerville, she had enjoyed being able to spend more time with her grands and other family members. Her church work had kept her so busy over the years that she had not had as much time to be with various family members. It was a joy to be able to speak with her also.

Patti Combs wrote to share this:

I am rolling along in Charleston.  Completed my part time job at Dillard’s first of Jan.  Presently I am working at Publix.  I asked to be a cleaner or a shelver of stock. But that was denied. I then asked for the training manual.  There is none.

Hence customer service here I come.  My trainer had to have been a general in the last war.  She was loud and intimidating.  But somehow, I made it through boot camp.

Having been in education for 41 years, I thought how hard could this job be!!

Speed is everything.  Working slowly and deliberately is not an option. Therefore my 74-year-old brain cells have had to rev up.

On a light note I really enjoy the people I work with.  I have adjusted to a different kind of work atmosphere.  But change is good!

So we’ll see how long I can stay out of the “Principal’s” office!  My boss is 32!  I may be the oldest employee.

Somehow we got old, but we’re not down yet.

Sending my love to all my classmates. You are forever a part of my cherished memories. Love never ends, my friends.

Jackie Patterson shared this news:

After 20 years as an Assistant Principal at South Florence High School  I am retiring! I will miss my SFHS professional colleagues and friends and especially the more than 300 ‘’new” freshman I worked with each year but the time has come! I will be moving to my house on Lake Wateree and look forward to more leisure time with my son, Walt, and his family and my sister, Carol, and her family.   Coker friends are always welcome… hope to see you at the lake soon!

To each of my classmates: It is my delight to make contact and to share where life has each of you currently. Please continue to share and keep us each connected. Coker gave us a bond for which I am grateful.  I am thankful to say Jim and I are doing well and are glad to be back to somewhat of the lifestyle we experienced before we lost a lot a year of our lives. Jim still has his business and is not currently planning on giving it up. I have returned to church activities and ministries I was not able to do during the shut down of so much because of Covid. My love and thanks for each of you—Connie Brock

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