Abigail (Gail) Etters Pilger

Family News

Family update

In June 2017 my husband John was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Fortunately being in Atlanta with Emory University Hospital and it being an affiliate of National Cancer Institute made his treatments and surgery go smoothly. After 2 months of grueling chemotherapy and then the even more grueling Whipple surgery in September, he’s in full remission! Not an easy recovery for an 83 year old man but he’s been a miracle if every there was one.
We have been at our second home in Naples for November and return to Atlanta for CT scans and Christmas. He’ll have these scans every 3 months for quite a while to make sure no metastasis shows up. Otherwise he’s getting his stamina and strength back but really anxious to get his full head of hair back, even all the gray.
We appreciate each and every day know we are blessed.

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