Your Passion Can Be Your Profession.

You already know that art is more just a hobby.

The time you spend in studio goes beyond satisfying your inner muse—it’s preparing you to excel in a world where creativity, inspiration, dedication, and practical knowledge are key to success.

Whether you work with paint or pastels, graphite or graphic design, the lens of a camera or the many textures of mixed media, Coker’s B.F.A. program in studio art prepares you for a professional, studio-based career.

Students with interest in submitting a portfolio for scholarship must complete an additional application by visiting

  • B.F.A. application form
  • Portfolio of 15 works of art and/or design (documentation/sketchbooks required) 
  • Statement of intent (1-2 pages)
  • Statement of degree/career plan (one page)

The B.F.A. in studio art requires a total of 78 credits (63 studio credits and 15 credit hours in art history).

Required Core Studio Courses
  • ART 101
  • ART 102
  • ART 105
  • ART 109
  • ART 130
  • ART 205
  • ART 220
  • ART 250
  • ART 260
Required Art History Courses
  • ART 280
  • ART 281
  • ART 384
  • ART 387
  • ART 388
Other Requirements
  • Eight (8) courses within studio art*
    • Four (4) or more at 300-level
    • 400-level senior studio courses
    • 400-level professional practice course

*Includes advanced courses reserved for B.F.A. students only. 


For a more detailed explanation of requirements, including course descriptions, download the Academic Catalog.

Senior Studio

All B.F.A. students in studio art must complete a year-long senior studio course, resulting in a cohesive body of work. Each student will work on this capstone project with a faculty mentor. 


B.F.A. students will be responsible for the following aspects of their senior exhibition: 

  • Installation of body of work
  • Exhibition promotion (posters, designed and printed; press release, etc.)
  • Gallery talk at exhibition opening
Senior Review

All B.F.A. students will undergo a senior review, consisting of: 

  • Critique of the body of work and discussion of process
  • Discussion of how the student’s work connects to non-art investigation*
  • Discussion of expectations for the body of work moving forward
  • Discussion of professional goals and/or opportunities within art and design industries
Process Book

The process book is a record of the evolution of ideas throughout a student’s senior studio. This documentation reflects the depth of investigation into research material, artists, designers, photographers, and applicable study outside of art.

*This process keeps in mind that Coker is a liberal arts institution, and that our B.F.A. students should have an awareness of what a liberal arts education encapsulates.

B.F.A. students are required to develop and complete: 

  • An interview with an arts professional
  • A research paper on their senior studio work
  • An artist’s statement
  • A CV
  • A cover letter
  • A portfolio website
  • Mock interviews

Students are encouraged to complete (one or more): 

  • Proposal submission for an off-campus exhibition
  • Job applications relevant to career interests
  • Written draft for a business proposal 
Jean Grosser

Jean Grosser, M.F.A.

Professor of Art; Coordinator of the Art Education Program; James Wayne Lemke Endowed Chair in College Service & Leadership

Nathaniel Gulledge

Nathaniel Gulledge, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Art; Chair of the Art Department; Coordinator of the Art Program

Alyssa Reiser Prince

Alyssa Reiser Prince, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Art

Renny Prince

Renny Prince

Exhibition Director