Trans4mations Resources

Expected Conduct Guidelines

Students attending Trans4mations events or activities are expected to adhere to program guidelines. All students and program sponsors should review this document and be aware of the expected standards of behavior.


Student Resources


Pre-Approved Community Service Sites

Coker partners with a variety of local organizations to provide students with community services opportunities. Select partner sites have been pre-approved for Trans4mations credit. If you would like to receive Trans4mations credit for volunteering with an organization that is not on the list of pre-approved sites, please contact the Office of the Provost to obtain approval before completing any service hours. 



Individual Service Validation Form

Use this form to document hours for community service performed in a single session. 



Individual Service Validation Form – Multiple Hours/Same Site

Use this form to document hours for community service performed over multiple visits to the same site. Your site supervisor should provide their signature only after all hours have been completed. 



Student Group Service Validation Form

Groups of students who complete a service project together should use this form to document their hours. A sign-in sheet is included to list all participants’ names. Student ID numbers should be included for each student receiving Trans4mations credit.



Faculty & Staff Resources


Events – Cultural Approval Request Form

Use this form to submit an upcoming event or activity for Trans4mations credit eligibility. This form must be completed by a member of Coker’s faculty or staff. If you are advising a student group, please submit the form on their behalf. Trans4mations approval must be obtained before the event takes place. 

Appropriate Trans4mations events include: art shows, performing arts, lectures, civic engagement, popular culture activities, workshops that address some aspect of culture, and transitional programming (e.g., career development). Please contact the Office of the Provost if you have any questions about Trans4mations credit approval. 



Events – Sign-In Sheet

If your event has been approved for Trans4mations credit, but will not be covered by Trans4mations monitors, students must sign in to receive credit. Please print the form below.



Community Service – Approval Request for Trans4mations Credit

Faculty and staff led service projects are also eligible for Trans4mations credit. Please submit the service approval request form prior to completing the service hours. 



Community Service – Group Sign-In Sheet

Use this sign-in sheet to submit your student group’s community service hours. All students should provide both their name and student ID number to receive Trans4mations credit.



Community Resources

Coker University welcomes the opportunity to provide service to our community. Agencies in need of assistance should complete the service request form at least two weeks in advance of your service project or event. The earlier the notice, the more time we have to contact our students.

Please note that Coker students can receive credit for community service hours, and may have a form that they will ask you to sign. We appreciate your assistance in documenting their service hours. We look forward to partnering with you!