Whether you prefer to be in the spotlight or behind the scenes, a theatre major at Coker will deliver a comprehensive liberal arts education.

Our round-table learning philosophy cultivates critical and analytical thinking, while surrounding you with a creative community to inspire, support and challenge you to reach your full potential. The program focuses on integrating a comprehensive curriculum with a multitude of opportunities for valuable hands-on experience—from productions to workshops, internships, study abroad, and more.


Acting I

You’re a born performer, and in this class, you’ll learn to make the most of your talent. You’ll explore four major types of theatre, identify the names of stage areas in a proscenium arrangement, and work on controlling body movement and vocal inflection. After developing foundational skills in Acting I, you may progress to more advanced acting classes and campus performances.

Introduction to Design for the Performing Arts

Well thought-out visuals can make or break a show. In this class, you’ll learn about scenic, costume, and lighting design through hands-on projects and group discussion. You’ll become familiar with principles of design and practice applying them in the context of theatre.


A good play starts with a solid script. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of writing for stage—and then, you’ll bring that knowledge to life through the creation of your own dramatic scenes and an original one-act play.


General Theatre

For students who want a comprehensive education in theatre, the general theatre concentration is individually designed. You can choose to develop your personal interests or encompass a broad base of theatre courses.

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The performance concentration is designed for those who can’t resist the call of the spotlight. You will train and develop your skills in voice, movement and acting, to learn how to communicate and connect with an audience. Students majoring in theatre with a performance concentration are required to audition for all theatre program productions. Students are not, however, required to accept roles in all productions.

Students dancing on stage in white attire during a performance of the Crucible


Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre

With a technical theatre concentration, you’ll learn the ins and outs of theatre tech—from set and lighting design to sound board operation to stage management. You’ll gain the practical and technical knowledge of everything that goes into putting on a production and managing a theater.

Student operating a vertical circular saw on a plank of wood


Musical Theatre

If musical theatre is your real passion, a theatre major with a concentration in musical theatre will take you where you want to go. You will take courses in voice, acting, dance and theatre, supplemented with specific courses—like Broadway and Hollywood Musicals—plus numerous opportunities to perform.

Two students singing on stage during a performance of Sweeney Todd


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One Degree That Opens All These Doors

  • $50,305


  • $49,444


  • $52,998

    Lighting Designer

  • $40,971

    Stage Manager

  • $38,195

    Box Officer Manager

  • $36,212

    Costume Designer

  • $40,917

    Makeup Artist

  • $51,629

    Sound Designer

  • $47,994

    Talent Agent

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