The human mind is one of the most complicated and intriguing mysteries in today’s scientific world.

If you’re fascinated by understanding why people do the things that they do, you might consider majoring in psychology.

Grounded in scientific methods, psychology explores the big questions related to society and humankind. Psychology majors study how to predict, interpret and control behaviors, learning research methodology and how to formulate conclusions from results through observation and scientific analysis. As a bonus, psychology students also gain insight into the world around them and their own personal development—including motivations, values and strengths.


Psychology in Film

Modern media can provide fascinating insights into psychology and our cultural relationship to the field. In this course, you will examine basic concepts of psychology as depicted in popular film. You’ll use this lens to look at the history of psychology, experimental psychology, developmental psychology, and abnormal psychology.

Introduction to Theories of Counseling

If you’re considering a career as a counselor, this course will provide an ideal introduction. You’ll explore major theories of counseling, along with the techniques and methods used in counseling individuals and groups.

Psychology of Gender

As our society’s understanding of gender changes and evolves, the impact of gender roles in everyday life also shifts. In this course, you’ll study the similarities and differences between genders and discuss how lifestyles are affected by our relationship to gender and identity.

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One Degree That Opens All These Doors

  • $49,746

    Guidance Counselor

  • $76,872

    Clinical Psychologist

  • $88,008

    Hospital Administrator

  • $48,863

    Clinical Research Coordinator

  • $43,369

    Career Counselor

  • $38,382

    Child Welfare Specialist

  • $38,757

    Crisis Counselor

  • $47,764

    Marriage / Family Therapist

  • $45,677

    Mental Health Clinician

  • $44,332

    Rehabilitation Counselor

  • $45,471

    Social Worker

  • $38,816

    Substance Abuse Counselor

  • $35,512

    Youth Counselor


Gold & Blue Scholarships

Coker offers the Corporate and Community Partners Gold Graduate Scholarship (25% off tuition) to employees of five local organizations:

  • Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center
  • Duke Energy
  • McLeod Health
  • North Industrial Machine
  • Sonoco Products Company

Coker offers the Corporate and Community Partners Blue Graduate Scholarship (10% off tuition) to employees of three local technical colleges:

  • Florence-Darlington Technical College
  • Midlands Technical College
  • Northeastern Technical College
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