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With a mathematics degree from Coker, you can turn your natural gift for numbers into a rewarding career in one of many growing fields.

Coker’s unique, discussion-based round-table learning philosophy ensures that you’ll have interactive and engaging coursework that challenges you to think creatively and develop your logical reasoning skills. But our curriculum is also designed around the importance of practical experience, meaning that opportunities for research, independent studies, and internships abound. Plus, with the help of knowledgeable and dedicated professors, you have the option to explore topics beyond what’s typically covered in the classroom—our program allows you to tailor your coursework and research to align with your personal interests and career goals.

Key Classes for Your Success

History of Mathematics

Math has been an important problem-solving tool throughout history. In this course, you will investigate how people from past societies applied mathematics and quantitative reasoning to achieve their goals. You will also learn how to adapt and apply quantitative reasoning methods invented by different cultures.

Probability & Statistics

Understanding principles of probability and statistics is an essential skill in research, decision-making, and critical analysis. This course will guide you through a calculus-based study of probability distributions and their application to statistical analysis.

Computational Mathematics

This course combines mathematics with computer science and problem-solving skills. You’ll learn about a variety of related topics, including computer arithmetic, error propagation, roundoff error, root finding methods, numerical differentiation, numerical integration, and polynomial interpolation.

One Degree That Opens All These Doors



Bank Examiner




Financial Planner




Benefits Administrator


Claims Adjuster


Computer Programmer


Database Administrator




Marketing Analyst


Mathematics Teacher


Quality Control Analyst


Real Estate Appraiser


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