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As a Coker history major, whether you’re studying the Civil Rights movement or the evolution of gender and class roles in 19th century England, you won’t be memorizing dates and obscure historical facts.

Sure, history majors study historical events. But more importantly, history majors study the human experience. They study change. They study how history relates to the modern world, how to make meaningful connections, and how to distinguish patterns in complex information.

Our discussion-based round table learning philosophy cultivates this type of complex thinking. Going beyond typical coursework, in-depth discussions promote a higher level of understanding and analysis that challenges you to develop your own independent viewpoints and identity. Through exploration, discovery, and insight, you will develop your analytical, critical thinking and communication skills while cultivating a richer understanding of the world around you.

Key Classes for Your Success

The Holocaust and Modern Memory

How do we define the Holocaust? Was it an anti-Semitic phenomenon alone, or should the term be used to broadly describe many victim groups? In this course, you will examine the narrative of holocaust history and think critically about why and how the Holocaust has entered modern political and cultural discourse.

Making of the Contemporary World

A number of issues in recent history have shaped our modern world. In this course, you will take a deeper look at issues including poverty in the developing world, North-South income disparities, ecological degradation, de-colonization, the end of the Cold War, ethnic and race relations, religious strife, geopolitical disputes, technology transfer, the rights of indigenous peoples, women’s rights, and alternative forms of diplomacy.

The Civilization of the Middle Ages

When we think of history, it is easy to think of the castles and knights often portrayed in popular media. In reality, the stories of that time period are far more complex. In this course, you will examine the history and culture of medieval Europe, with emphasis placed on social, economic and institutional development.

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