As long as people break the law, our society will need criminologists.

If you have an insatiable curiosity, a strong sense of justice, and a desire to improve social conditions, a major in criminology will build on your natural abilities to prepare you for a fulfilling career. You will study all facets of crime—from the psychological motivations of criminals to the intricacies of law enforcement, prisons and parole systems—to fully understand the American criminal justice system and explore how to improve it.


Substance Abuse

The abuse of alcohol and other drugs affects our society as a whole, as well as our criminal justice system. In this course, you will study addiction and addiction support groups, with an emphasis on the classification of drugs, models of addiction, and the impact of addiction on individuals, children, families, and culturally and ethnically diverse groups of people.



In this course, you will be introduced to the correctional response to criminal behavior. Along with your classmates and professor, you will discuss the nature of punishment and issues involved in sentencing, incarceration, probation, parole, and capital punishment.


White Collar Crime

We’ve all seen news stories about executives who have embezzled funds, professionals who have committed fraud, or the abuse of power in healthcare, banking, government, insurance, or corporate industries. How does this happen, and what are the implications of corruption on a multimillion-dollar scale? In this course, you’ll explore these themes and more in an introduction to white collar crime.


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One Degree That Opens All These Doors

  • $59,190

    Border Patrol Agent

  • $47,340


  • $45,220

    Law Clerk

  • $51,233

    Police Officer

  • $38,382

    Child Welfare Specialist

  • $40,309

    Correctional Counselor

  • $39,072

    Corrections Officer

  • $41,986


  • $44,830

    Deputy Sheriff

  • $38,599

    Evidence Technician

  • $64,609

    FBI Agent

  • $83,328


  • $41,830

    Probation Officer

  • $45,471

    Social Worker


Gold & Blue Scholarships

Coker offers the Corporate and Community Partners Gold Graduate Scholarship (25% off tuition) to employees of five local organizations:

  • Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center
  • Duke Energy
  • McLeod Health
  • North Industrial Machine
  • Sonoco Products Company

Coker offers the Corporate and Community Partners Blue Graduate Scholarship (10% off tuition) to employees of three local technical colleges:

  • Florence-Darlington Technical College
  • Midlands Technical College
  • Northeastern Technical College
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