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Chemistry Minor

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter—or in other words, the makeup of our entire universe.

As a chemistry major, you won’t just be memorizing molecular structures and periodic elements. You’ll be exploring how the physical world operates and conducting research as early as your first year.

Coker’s chemistry program is founded on close student-professor relationships and the importance of research and internships—a combination of support and opportunity that allows students to thrive. Our unique round-table, discussion-based learning philosophy challenges you to think for yourself while working in a team, encouraging the process of discovery and problem-solving.

Key Classes for Your Success

Forensic Science

Chemistry isn’t just about working in a lab. It has real-world applications and chemistry majors go on to pursue a wide variety of careers. For those interested in forensic science, this course is a valuable introduction with a focus on inorganic and organic characterization, DNA and blood analysis, and other crime scene investigation techniques.

Organic Chemistry

In this course, you’ll study carbon compounds—an essential ingredient in all living things. As you learn about the chemistry of life and related chemical reactions, you’ll get a glimpse into the science that serves as a foundation for careers in medicine, pharmacology, product development, and much more.

Analytical Chemistry

From the nutritional labels on our food to blood test results from a yearly physical, the influence of analytical chemistry is part of our daily lives. In this course, you will learn about theories and methods of problem-solving in chemical analysis, including instrumentation, accuracy, precision, and data optimization.

One Degree That Opens All These Doors

Research Scientist






Chemical Engineer






Food Scientist


Forensic Chemist




Medical Technologist