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Business Management

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Business Management

You already have the drive you’ll need to succeed.
Now, it’s time to build your network
with courses that challenge you,
professional faculty who care,
and a degree that proves you’re the real deal.

With a B.S. in business management from Coker University, you can build the future you’ve imagined for yourself—whether that means owning your own business, getting a promotion, supporting innovative growth in your organization, or becoming a stronger manager for your team.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of business from faculty who bring firsthand experience into their lessons, and you’ll develop universally applicable skills like critical thinking and communication while you’re at it. That’s the power of an education with a strong liberal arts core, grounded in real-world professionalism.

Key Classes for Your Success

Leadership & Professional Ethics

What kind of leader do you want to be? No matter your industry, the role of a leader is largely shaped by the decisions they make. In this course, you’ll examine a variety of approaches to decision-making in business. You’ll learn about different ethical frameworks, and consider how they may be applied in real-world scenarios.

Operations Management

Good businesses maintain strong relationships with their customers, delivering a product that meets clients’ needs and expectations. As you study operations management, you’ll learn about the production process from start to finish, including inventory, quality, and cost control.

Human Resources & Organizations

The most essential aspect of an organization is its people. Organizational leadership and human resources professionals alike must have a strong understanding of how to recruit quality employees, provide support for those employees, and effectively manage a number of HR functions, principles, and programs. In this course, you’ll take a deeper look at the world of human resource management and its impact on business.

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One Degree That Opens All These Doors

Small Business Owner


Brand Manager


Advertising Account Manager


Management Consultant




Human Resources Manager


Marketing Specialist


Regional Sales Manager



Business graduates from Coker University have what it takes to thrive in today’s market and meet the challenges of the future.

“Once I got my associate’s,…I realized…if I want to go anywhere in my career and make the money I feel like I want to make, then I really need to push for that bachelor’s. I feel like the people who are in these…programs, they’re all working individuals mostly and I feel like the instructors really take that into account…they’re very mindful that we all have careers and that we are working individuals and so they’ve really made it awesome.”

Ashleigh Altman , ’18
Portrait of Ashleigh Altman

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