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Coker University’s Wiggins School of Education has long provided aspiring K-12 teachers with bachelor’s degrees that combine a strong liberal arts core with the specialized content and professional education courses necessary to excel as a leader and professional in the education field.

Coker graduates have long served as successful educators and classroom leaders. Equipped with a strong content knowledge and the skills to apply innovative ideas and teaching models that adjust to students’ individual needs, Coker-prepared teachers are ready to succeed from their very first days as teacher of record.

To ensure school districts throughout the Southeast have a pipeline of effective teachers prepared the Coker way, Coker University is now offering a new program that allows exemplary teacher candidates to earn their master’s degree in education, thanks to a partnership with TeacherReady.

  1. A Master’s Degree from One of USNWR’s “Best Colleges of the South”
  2. A Career Leading a Classroom and Teaching Future Generations of Learners
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For a $18,000 flat rate, students can now earn a master’s degree from Coker University.

TeacherReady is an online teacher certification program for college graduates who do not have an education degree. The program is a Florida State-approved Educator Preparation Institute. As a member of the Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida, TeacherReady is accredited through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

If you have any questions please contact an Enrollment Counselor at admissions@coker.edu


Every Coker University online master’s degree requires a total of 30 semester hours of credit. You’ll complete 24 credit hours of major coursework for your Master’s through the Coker University Wiggins School of Education. You’ll earn your remaining 6 credit hours through your TeacherReady™ coursework.

Each Coker graduate course is six weeks long. The eight courses include:

  • Diverse Learners and Equitable Learning Environments (EDCIT 500)
  • Student Centered Curriculum/Instruction (EDCIT 520)
  • Educational Research and Analysis (EDCIT 540)
  • Analysis of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (EDCIT 550)
  • Exploring and Evaluating Digital Tools for K-12 (EDCIT 560)
  • Introduction to Innovative Digital Instruction (EDCIT 570)
  • Applying and Integrating Digital Technology in K-12 I (EDCIT 580)
  • Applying and Integrating Digital Technology in K-12 II (EDCIT 590)

Candidates also receive course credits for two class taken through TeacherReady:

  • Advanced Human Growth and Developmental Theories (EDCIT 510)
  • Advanced Foundations of American Education (EDCIT 530)

TEACHERREADY Admissions Requirements

The basic requirements of TeacherReady™ for admission are:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • A 2.50 undergraduate GPA in your bachelor’s degree program
  • A background clear of any felonies
Students at a computer lab.

Contact TeacherReady™ directly at teacherready.org for their enrollment application and a full list of its admission requirements.

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