Parking/Vehicle Information

Parking/Vehicle Information

Parking and Vehicle Information at Coker University

The operation and parking of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege granted by the college. Administrators of the vehicle regulations policy intend to communicate and apply the regulations consistently and fairly, and meet the parking needs of faculty, staff, students and visitors of the College.

The administration of all rules and regulations governing the operation of vehicles will be the responsibility of the Director of Campus Safety and those agents approved by the Director of Campus Safety.

All moving and stationary vehicle laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of the state of South Carolina, the city of Hartsville, and Coker University, together with adopted amendments, will be enforceable twenty-four hours daily. Snow, rain, and other inclement weather conditions will not alter any of the provisions contained in this publication.

All faculty, staff and students operating a vehicle on Coker’s campus must register their vehicle and display a valid Coker University parking permit. The owner/permit registrant assumes all responsibility for any damage to his/her vehicle while operated or parked on Coker property.

Lack of familiarity with these regulations does not constitute a defense for failure to comply. It is the responsibility of the owner/permit registrant to assure the safe operation of their registered vehicle(s) in full compliance of these regulations.

Visitor Policy

Guests visiting campus may use designated parking facilities as indicated on the map below. Overnight visitors must register their vehicle and display a free parking permit. A visitor permit may be obtained at the Campus Safety Office located at 307 E Carolina Avenue. You can reach Campus Safety at (843)383-8140. Campus Safety is present 24/7, so even if the office door is locked, please call this number, and an officer will assist you.

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