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Office of Academic Records (OAR)

Office of Academic Records (OAR)

The Office of Academic Records, also known as the Registrar’s Office, is a one-stop shop for everything related to your educational history at Coker University.

We know college paperwork and procedures can get complicated, so our friendly staff are here to provide guidance and expertise! OAR processes transcripts and diplomas, ensures that your personal information is kept private in alignment with FERPA policies, assists with transferring credits to and from other institutions, handles course registration and classroom management, and much more.

OAR is part of the Student Solution Center, located on the second floor of the Student Center.

Phone: 843-383-8030

Frequently Asked Questions

Coker University partners with National Student Clearinghouse to complete enrollment verification requests. The National Student Clearinghouse is the trusted source for education verification, offering a nationwide collection of enrollment and degree data.


To request a reprinted diploma, please use the Diploma Reprint Request Form below and submit payment via our online payment page with “reprinted diploma request” written in the Miscellaneous Information field.

Please note that all diplomas will be printed with the Coker University seal after July 1, 2019, regardless of your original graduation date.

The Office of Academic Records prints diplomas five times per year. You will receive your diploma shortly after our next printing period.



Current and former students may order transcripts through the secure website at National Student Clearinghouse. All major credit and debit cards are accepted and will only be charged after the order has been completed.

Paper and/or encrypted electronic PDF transcripts are available to students who attended after May 1990. Electronic PDF transcripts are not available for students who attended prior to May 1990 and may require additional processing time.

Fees vary depending on options selected during the ordering process. Order tracking is available through the National Student Clearinghouse, including confirmation of receipt. Please allow 1 business day for all requests made by students currently enrolled at Coker University. If you order a paper transcript and choose the “pick up” option, your order will be available the next business day after 3:00 p.m.

Order Your Transcript
  • Log in to the National Student Clearinghouse secure website
  • The site will walk you through placing your order, including delivery options and fees. You can order as many transcripts as you like in a single session. A processing fee will be charged per recipient.
  • Order updates will be emailed to you. You can also track your order online.
Transfer Credit

When a student has completed the application for transfer to Coker, the Office of Academic Records will evaluate all transfer credits completed with a grade of C- or better from an accredited institution. Students who have attended community colleges or technical colleges may transfer up to a maximum of 76 semester hours.  

Regardless of the number of credits transferred in a single discipline of study, each major requires a minimum number of semester hours must be earned at Coker in the intended major (not including student teaching if an education major). The student must also have at least 30 semester hours of credit in upper-level (300 or 400) courses.  

No time limit is set for the acceptability of credit; rather acceptability is based upon an evaluation by the Office of Academic Affairs in consultation with the chairperson of the student’s major department or school dean.

Regardless of the number of hours transferred to Coker, each student must satisfy the degree requirements as stated in the Academic Programs and Course Offerings sections of this catalog.

Demonstrated ability may be the basis of exemption from a requirement within the major with the written permission of the major professor and approval of the Office of Academic Affairs. Exemptions will be noted on the student’s academic evaluation and permanent record, but no hours will be awarded.  


Courses from Other Institutions (Transient)

Coker students may request permission to take courses at another institution when they are not actively enrolled in courses at Coker, such as during summer breaks or while on official Leave of Absence from the College. Prior to enrolling in any course for which the student wishes to receive transfer credit, he or she must submit the Request to Take Courses Elsewhere form for approval. Students must provide a catalog description for each intended course, and must receive approval by the appropriate academic department chair and the Office of Academic Affairs. Approval will usually be based on the following guidelines:

  • Student will not be concurrently enrolled in courses at Coker University.
  • Student can demonstrate that denial of his or her request will severely compromise the student’s ability to fulfill degree requirements or meet other obligations to the College.
  • Student is not in his or her last 30 semester hours of coursework.
  • Course format is deemed appropriate, by the department chair, for course content.

Upon completion of coursework, the student is responsible for having an official transcript sent to the Office of Academic Records in order to receive credit. Credit will only be awarded for courses in which the student earns a grade of C- or better.

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