Dr. Kevin Kenyon

Dr. Kevin Kenyon

Professor Emeritus of History (2000-2021)

Dr. Kenyon expanded the study abroad program

Studying Abroad is an essential component of Coker University

Under the direction of Dr. Kevin Kenyon, Professor Emeritus of History (2000 – 2021), study abroad grew in size and scope. Dr. Kenyon organized and led twenty-six short-term study abroad programs in over eleven countries, integrating academics into the overseas experience.

In addition, Dr. Kenyon advised multiple Fulbright Scholars to countries such as Vietnam, Andorra, and Slovakia. Highlights of Dr. Kenyon’s tenure include celebrating the new year in Malta and traveling from Amsterdam to the Swiss Alps to Venice, Italy. One course was devoted to studying the history of the Holocaust in Germany.

Dr. Kenyon’s legacy continues as even more Cobras attend short-term Coker-led programs, summers or semesters abroad, and compete for national scholarships such as Gilman and Fulbright.

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