Class of 1964, News April 2017

Class Rep News

Linda Traynham Prior: My latest news is that my son and his family from Houston came to spend their week of spring vacation here in Beech Island with us.  Unfortunately that was the same week we had that bitter cold here—down in the 20’s and even teens at night.  We enjoyed each other anyway, locked in as we were.

Gail Etters Pilger: We just returned from our 4 months winter idyll in Naples on the Gulf coast of Florida. John and I always hate to leave but are glad to be back with family in Atlanta. Never one to be idle even on an extended vacation, I am taking the helm as President of our 125 member civic, charitable and social organization the Pelican Marsh Women’s League in Naples. Additionally there are book clubs, movie groups (Chics-flix!), walking clubs, and pot luck groups for those of us who do not golf or play tennis. Also Bocce has become huge for the seniors looking for fun and relaxing competition. So many reasons to enjoy retirement! I gave up sunbathing years ago after many hours in the Coker amphitheater, so rarely get to the Gulf beach a mile from our condo. Too many freckles to show for those tans!

Anne Lamb Matthews: In San Destin speaking tonight to Rotarians. Spent most of February in India and Ghana immunizing children so they won’t get Polio and working on other humanitarian projects for Rotary. So sad that Susan McCreight Tarlton passed away recently. Naomi Kelley Jackson and I went to see her a couple of months ago. She lived in Ruby and never moved from her home. She and Bill have two adopted sons and grandchildren. She was my roommate my freshman year and she was a dear friend.

Carol Chastain Dietrick: Life is good. Heading out to L.A. and Death Valley in early May. I just celebrated my 10th year as a volunteer at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and became a volunteer at the new Baptist Cancer Institute on April 7th.

Nell Bates Beasley: I’ve been going to JV Baseball games to see my grandson Chad (14) play. Going to dance competitions for my granddaughter Haley (17). I’m still involved with the Pilot Club. Just been to SC Spring Convention in Sumter, SC.

Pat Holland Chapman: Life is good. Both sons are in Lexington where we live. Leighton is a graphic designer with AE Com, a worldwide engineering company. Jim is a family practice physician with Lexington Family Practice. Five granddaughters!! Hannah, our oldest, leaves for Converse College in August. I encouraged her and related how a small girls school is a good choice—for many reasons. I remember all of our good times at Coker—then a small girls college.

Naomi Kelley JacksonSusan McCreight Tarlton (from Ruby) died on March 24. She had suffered from Parkinson’s disease for a number of years. Anne Lamb Matthews and I had a good visit with her in December. Susan was a two year business student. Anne, Mary Ann McCaskill Tomlinson, and I had great time together recently. Joyce Askins (Hartsville) died on March 5 from kidney failure. She was at our last reunion gathering at my house and had some health issues then. John and I are well. I do have problems with back and arthritis. Our 74 year old bodies want to be 25 again and free of aging concerns!

Susan M. Frank: I have had a rough winter. First a bout of pneumonia and then hip replacement surgery but all is well now. This week I’m off for a visit with my son Sam and his family in Texas and then in May I leave to spend another summer in Ireland working at Caherconnell Stone Fort for my archaeology dig again. So looking forward to getting back to the work and my friends there. I am very lucky to have found my passion even at this time of life.    

Mary Louise Antley Glesner: Busy with birthdays and grandkids. Our 6 1/2 year old Bailey (she insists on adding that 1/2 to her age) is my little “tell-all” confidant when we have our bedtime chats. What a little drama queen she is! As for the boys, Trevor is growing up much too quickly (almost as tall as I am now), loves school (straight A student) and scouts. Brother Dustin (9 1/2) hates school, struggles with reading comprehension but excels in math! He likes karate and scouts. Daughter Jill and I stepped back in time in March and drove over to Schuyler, Virginia (about 45 minutes away out in the boonies) to attend the 45th Walton Family Reunion in remembrance of Earl Hamner Jr. (Hamner, the writer and producer of The Waltons TV series, died last March 2). We strolled up past the original Hamner house and on up to the schoolhouse which has now been turned into the Walton Museum. There were 15 of the cast members there, and what a delightful group of people! They were so down-to-earth, friendly, and easy to talk with.  A wonderful event!

Cameron Council Speth: There are a couple of themes running through the news from our class: 1. We’re not as young as we’d like to be but 2. Life is good. I heard it over and over: Children, grandchildren, friends and meaningful activities keep us going. In February, Gus and I escaped the long winter of VT to SC where there was perhaps one week of winter this year. We enjoyed birds and flowers, family and friends, food and walks on the beach. Our oldest dog Dewees who was almost 14 enjoyed her beach and ocean for several weeks before she just decided one day that life was too hard (she was almost blind and had weak legs) and so she lay down on the porch and slipped away peacefully. Capers and Folly mourned with us but now life has resumed. We are looking forward to spring and summer and, of course, fall when Vermont is at its best.

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