Staff Advisory Council (CSAC)



The Coker Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) was formed to facilitate communication among staff and college administration about interests, concerns, and issues that affect staff and the institution as a whole. CSAC aims to define and analyze issues and make recommendations for consideration by the president and the administration team, represent the interests of the staff, promote the role of staff in the achievement of the mission of the college, foster a spirit of cooperation among staff and facilitate continually improving college operations, and provide events and opportunities that enhance the working environment of the college.

CSAC appreciates any feedback, comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns.We would also like to know about any good work-related news you’d like to celebrate. 
You can contact us by using this form. 

Each month, CSAC would like to recognize and celebrate members of our administration, faculty, staff, and students.
Please take a minute to learn more about these individuals…

Adam Connolly, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Todd Couch, Sociology and Criminology Professor 
Whitney Cranford (’07), Student Success Coach 
Charity Snelling (’18), Interdisciplinary Studies major 

Unless notified otherwise, all Coker Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) meetings will be held at 9:00am in the Music Building Auditorium. Please put the following meeting dates on your calendar:

Your 2018-2019 CSAC representatives are as follows:

Aaron Beebe

Aaron Beebe, M.A.

Director of Student Athlete Affairs & Event Management

Caroline Fulghum

Caroline Fulghum

Coordinator for the Office of Student Success

Devin Jennings

Devin Jennings, M.A.

Associate Lecturer of Dance

Elizabeth Hubbard

Elizabeth Hubbard, B.A.

Content Marketing Specialist

Ella Marshall

Ella Marshall, M.S.

Director of Human Resources

Kylee Brand

Kylee Brand

Assistant Director of Admissions

Meaghan Isgett

Meaghan Isgett, M.P.S.

Director of Student Financial Planning

Shannon S. Flowers

Shannon S. Flowers, M.S.

College Registrar and Adjunct Professor

Tamara Hoefer

Tamara Hoefer, B.A.

Coordinator for the Wiggins School of Education

Justin Lyde

Justin Lyde

Help Desk Analyst