There is no “preferred major” to prepare you for law school. Most law schools, as well as the American Bar Association, recommend that you choose a major on the basis of interest. That makes sense because you will probably do better studying something you are interested in. Most law schools are even reluctant to prescribe a list of courses you should take.

Although we agree in general with these opinions, we feel that it is possible to provide some structure to the Pre-Law experience. We have two goals in this. The first is to help you to maximize your chances of being accepted into law school. The second is to help you to succeed once you get there.

With these goals in mind, we have developed the program described below. It consists of a composite of classroom and other experiences. Successful completion of this program will result in a Specialization in Pre-Law, a designation that will be included on your transcript. More importantly, it will help put you on the road to a successful law career.


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