From tribal communities to global industrial processes, social relationships and institutions are the fabric of societies across the globe.

At its core, sociology is the study of human behavior in a group setting. Sociology majors develop a number of practical scientific skills including research, computer and statistical, with the opportunity to apply these skills by participating in faculty research projects as early as freshman year. Studying sociology gives you the ability to analyze information, reach a meaningful conclusion, and communicate and apply that knowledge in various complex situations.


Gender & Society

What are we talking about when we talk about gender? How do issues related to gender and gender expression interact with other identities, like race, class, and sexuality? In this course, you’ll use a sociological lens to explore important themes like gender roles, gender representation in the media, the spectrum of sexuality, political and economic issues, and various theories related to gender.

Social Class & Inequality

To understand contemporary social interactions, you must understand the role of social equality in issues of power, privilege, and prestige. In this course, you will learn about the development of ruling classes and elites, as well as social mobility and bases of inequality with an emphasis on how they may impact our society in the future.

Sports, Crime & Society

In this course, you will examine the world of athletics and discuss sports as a microcosm of society. You’ll analyze the relationship between sport and crime through sociological and criminological lenses, with particular attention to themes like subculture, deviance, white collar crime, domestic violence, and the unintended consequences of sport in the United States and abroad.

Is This Concentration Right For You?

A concentration in criminology is available to students who are interested in careers in law enforcement, correction, and other criminal justice agencies.


You can earn your bachelor’s in sociology on your time and wherever you want!

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One Degree That Opens All These Doors

  • $65,744

    Human Resources Manager

  • $45,471

    Social Worker

  • $52,128


  • $43,071

    Parole Officer

  • $43,369

    Career Counselor

  • $38,382

    Child Welfare Specialist

  • $40,900

    Community Outreach Coordinator

  • $32,459

    Mental Health Worker

  • $88,214

    Nursing Home Administrator

  • $65,227

    Public Relations Manager

  • 38,816

    Substance Abuse Counselor

  • $35,512

    Youth Counselor


Gold & Blue Scholarships

Coker offers the Corporate and Community Partners Gold Graduate Scholarship (25% off tuition) to employees of five local organizations:

  • Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center
  • Duke Energy
  • McLeod Health
  • North Industrial Machine
  • Sonoco Products Company

Coker offers the Corporate and Community Partners Blue Graduate Scholarship (10% off tuition) to employees of three local technical colleges:

  • Florence-Darlington Technical College
  • Midlands Technical College
  • Northeastern Technical College
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