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for the McCall School of Visual and Performing Arts

Audition Information

Are you interested in applying for a visual and performing arts program at Coker University? This semester, all of our auditions are virtual. Select the program you’re interested in, follow the instructions, and submit your audition!

How to audition:

Make sure to apply to Coker University as a traditional undergraduate student, and fill out your FAFSA. You can audition before you submit your application, however we will not be able to determine your eligibility for Coker University and scholarships until we receive your application and FAFSA.

Prospective students auditioning for art may complete the requirements through online submissions:

  • Upload high-resolution photos of 10-15 original works of art in as many media as possible.

For questions regarding portfolio submission, please contact Nate Gulledge.

For more information about the Art program, click here.

Students interested in any of the dance degrees that require auditions (BFA and Dance Education degrees only) must complete the requirements below prior to being accepted into the program. Students who would like to be considered for dance scholarships should also complete these requirements:

  1. Learn the dance phrases in these videos. Submit a video yourself performing these phrases.
  2. Prepare a video of yourself performing a dance solo in any style for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Write an essay that discusses your career goals in dance and how the specific degree track will help you achieve those goals. You should also discuss what interests you about the Dance Program at Coker University and why you feel you would be a good fit for the program. The essay should include a description of a positive experience and a challenging experience in dance and what you did to overcome this challenge. This should be at least 2 pages in length, double spaced with one-inch margins, and using 12-point font.

Note: Scholarship amounts may not be awarded until you have completed your Coker Application and FAFSA.

For questions about audition submissions, please contact Meredith Sims.

For more information about the Dance program, click here.

Voice – Live or Pre-Recorded Audition Requirements

The following items will need to be prepared:

  • Two songs that are:
    • In contrasting styles
    • Sung from memory
    • Demonstrative of your range and ability
    • From periods or styles that affirm your previous musical and cultural experiences (may include but are not limited to: classical, gospel, musical theatre, etc.)
    • Performed with or without accompaniment (recorded accompaniments are allowed for pre-recorded auditions only)

Instrumental – Video Audition Requirements

The following items will need to be prepared:

  • Two or three works from contrasting style periods from the standard repertoire for your instrument
    • Pieces may include complete works or individual movements from larger works
    • Pieces may include accompaniment, but should be performed without accompaniment for the audition
    • Piano/organ auditionees should perform one of the pieces from memory
  • All major, minor, and chromatic scales

For questions regarding auditions or repertoire selections for your instrument, please contact:
Voice – Dr. Christi McLain
Instrumental – Dr. Reed Hanna

For more information about the Music program, click here.

The following items will need to be prepared for each area you are interested in:

Theatre Performance – Video Audition Requirements

Two 60 second monologues in contrasting styles

Musical Theatre – Video Audition Requirements

One 60 second monologue and 32 bars of one contrasting musical theatre song

Theatre Tech/Design – Video Audition Requirements

Resumé and production photos of shows you have worked on

Theatre Writing – Video Audition Requirements

A sample of scriptwriting

For questions about audition information, please contact Joshua Webb.

For more information about the Theatre program, click here.

Submit your audition: