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Room Change Requests

Room Change Requests

The option to conduct a room change for Fall 2019 will open on September 3rd. If you currently live on campus and want to request a room or building change: 

  1. Meet with your Residence Life Coordinator in the Office of Residence Life to request a room change.  All requests must be submitted by Wednesday @ 3pm to be completed in the same week.
  2. Residence Life Coordinators will process the room change referral and email the results of your request to your Coker email.
  3. Complete Room Change Thursday-Sunday
    • Go to the Office of Residence Life on Thursday between 10am and 2pm to receive new room keys and to complete required paperwork.
    • Move all your belongings and clean your space.
    • Contact the RA of your previous living assignment to complete the check out of that space.
    • Your RA will walk through your old living space with you and check to make sure all of your belongings have been removed, the space is clean, and that there are no damages to the space.
    • You will then return your old keys to the RA and sign off on paperwork that you are checking out of that space.
    • You must complete the room change process by Monday at 8 a.m. or you will be charged for both spaces until you are checked out.
  4. On Monday, the Residence Life Coordinators will update your account and billing information to your new living space.