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Coker Enactus

Coker Enactus

We are a group of academic and business leaders, committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.​

Want to get involved? Email Andrew Taske, Director of Coker Enactus, at

Recent Projects

Project Myanmar

In October of 2018, our team travelled to Myanmar once again to take further steps on solving the severe issues of contaminated water, feminine hygiene, and human trafficking. In 2017, we installed a water filtration system that provides water to three community centers. In addition, we provided a feminine hygiene press that produces pads to address the region’s feminine hygiene issue. Moving forward, we are working with our partners to develop a sustainable business model. 

Pocket Parks

This year, we are partnering with the city of Hartsville to build a pocket park that will give residents, and especially children, a place to play and hang out. We will also partner with our project Recycled Roads to build a basketball court that consists of recycled asphalt, which will reduce costs and have a positive impact on the environment. 

Summer Business Academy

Summer Business Academy is a week-long, intensive course held at Coker University for prospective business students. This course gives students a taste of what it is like in a college classroom. Upon completing and passing the course, students will earn three free credit hours that can be transferred to the institution of their choice.

Rent-a-Fridge / My Campus Market

​Rent-A-Fridge is a project where our team takes multiple sizes of mini refrigerators and microwaves, and allows students—from not only our campus, but also businesses throughout our community—to rent out refrigerators for different times during the year. Last year, we expanded this project by creating a website that can be used as an online shop and facilitates the renting process. Through this website, we were able to empower other Enactus teams around the world, who are now using the website to apply their individual business models. 

Other Projects Include…

​The Trent Hill center is located in Hartsville and has a mission to provide a safe space for children who have been forced out of their homes due to drug abuse, alcohol, and similar issues. Our goal is to help them with expansion, funding, legal issues, and wheelchair accessibility. 

Kids Can is a program that promotes health and nutrition throughout the community by partnering with other local businesses. Kids Can targets local students who do not have access to lunches outside of school, and provides them with a nutritious lunch. Kids Can partners with Carolina Kids to help provide those lunches for students in Darlington County, South Carolina. Moving forward, we are expanding to a second school. 

This project offers new, innovative green ways to make the community more sustainable. 

Have you met the student entrepreneurs who make Coker Enactus so special? See the roster of executive council, project leaders, and general members below! 

Anthony Salas
Leadership and Development 

Justus Lehmann
Project Operations & Outcome Measurement

Jenny Ruetten
Enactus USA & Competition Resources

Parker Oldham
External Relations and Alumni Engagement

Kiisha Hilliard
Recruitment & Team Functions


  • Makayla Shore (Kids Can)
  • Jenny Ruetten (Rent-a-Fridge)
  • Kiisha Hilliard (Summer Business Academy)
  • Hannah Baird (Recycled Roads)
  • Frank Velez (Pocket Parks)
  • Seth Spell (Trent Hill)
  • Evan Bachman (Myanmar)
  • Lexi Baughman (Lucorja)
  • Alicia Quinteros (Hart of the Storm)
  • Alex Alverson
  • Alex Braden
  • Angelique McDonald
  • Bradley Bomar
  • Bret Shurina
  • Chauntress Like
  • Christopher Nowlin
  • Cole Laffidy
  • Giancarlo Martinez
  • Isaiah Gold
  • Kenzie Griggs
  • Mahari Greene
  • Mary Kooper
  • Matt Murphy
  • Nicholas Beiers
  • Raya Coley
  • Reilly Hall
  • Riley Fisher
  • Shai Brown
  • Taylor DuBray
  • Tiffany Taylor

Enactus Staff & Faculty Mentors