Q: Do you have residency requirements? 
A: Coker College is a residential college and students are expected to live on-campus unless meeting one of the following criteria: 1) 22+ years old at the beginning of the housing contract term; 2) classified as a Senior by the Registrar, having complete 90+ hours at the beginning of the housing contract term; or 3) reside within 30 miles of the Hartsville campus with a parent, grandparent, spouse or legal guardian (documentation required). Students must complete an Intent to Live Off Campus form and be approved by the Office of Residence Life prior to living off campus.

Q: What size bed sheets do I need to bring?
A: The best size of bed sheets for mattresses across campus is twin XL.

Q: Are freshmen allowed to bring cars? Is a parking permit required to park on campus?
A: Yes, freshmen are allowed to bring cars. Parking permits are required to park in the designated College student parking areas. There is no additional fee for a parking permit.

Q: Do I need to bring a car?
A: Most first and second year students find that they do not need a car. There is a Wal-Mart Super Center within biking distance, and many other stores are within walking distance of campus, however, you may bring your own car if you wish.

Q: What if I need housing over the Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring break?
A: The residence halls are closed during the Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. Residents should make plans early so that they can exit the residence halls on time. Students may request break housing through the Office of Residence Life if they meet the criteria.

Q: Can I connect my computer to the campus network from my room?
A: Yes, as long as your computer meets the minimum network requirements and you bring or buy a network cable. All residence halls have wireless capabilities.

Q: What furnishings are provided in each room?
A: Beds, mattresses, chest-of-drawers, desks, desk chairs, and closets or wardrobes. All furniture provided must stay in the room.

Q: What kind of pets may I have in my room?
A: Only fish are allowed, and only in tanks that are 10 gallons or less.

Q: How are the residence halls and rooms cleaned?
A: A professional custodial staff cleans all of the public areas of residence halls which includes hallways, lounges and community bathrooms on a daily basis (Monday-Friday). However, they do not pick up after students. So, as a student, you will need to do your part to keep things in the residence halls tidy. All students are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms, with the exception of halls with community style bathrooms.

Q: Am I able to bunk my bed?
A: Bunkable beds are available in limited room spaces.

Q: Am I able to loft my bed?
A: Loftable beds are available in limited upperclassmen room spaces.

Q: How do I find out who my roommate is?
A: The Office of Residence Life will send an email to your Coker College email near the middle of July informing you of your roommate’s name, address and phone number. Incoming freshmen will use roommate matching software to help choose your roommate. Information on how to access the roommate matching software will be sent to your Coker email beginning in early May.

Q: Are laundry facilities provided on campus?
A: Laundry facilities are available in each residence hall. Laundry is free for residential students.

Q: How can I change my room?
A: There is a 2 week freeze on room assignments at the beginning of each semester. After 2 weeks room change requests can be made with the Office of Residence Life.

Q: What items are permitted in the residence halls?
A: Please see Personalizing Your Room for items permitted and prohibited in the residence halls.

Q: What type of security exists in the residence halls?
A: The Campus Safety office is located on Carolina Avenue. The Campus Safety and Residence Life staffs walk through each hall periodically throughout the day for safety checks. All residence halls have card access system that works with the student’s ID card. All Residential Halls are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: How do I report facility or housekeeping concerns?
A: Please complete the Residence Life Maintenance Request Form.