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The Center for Diversity, Interfaith & Inclusion Education is here to be an ally for our transgender students. You are not alone.

Your Coker story is an integral part of our community’s narrative. We recognize that the process of coming out as a transgender person is different, and in some ways more complex, than the experience of coming out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Coming out is a unique experience for everyone, and here at Coker, we want to be supportive throughout your transition. 

Remember, you are not alone. 

If you need guidance, assistance, or resources, the Center for Diversity, Interfaith & Inclusion Education wants to help. Please contact us any time. 


The Center for Diversity, Interfaith & Inclusion Education offers Safe Zone training sessions throughout the semester. Contact us for more information about upcoming workshops, or to schedule one for your group. 

From the Human Rights Campaign website

“For those people whose gender identity or innate sense of their own gender doesn’t match with that assigned to them at birth, unraveling and expressing it can be complex and difficult.

This guide was designed to help you and your loved ones through that process in realistic and practical terms. It acknowledges that the experience of coming out or disclosure covers the full spectrum of human emotion – from paralyzing fear to unbounded euphoria. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation hopes this guide helps you meet the challenges and opportunities that living as authentically as possible can offer to each of us.”

Download A Guide To Being You