Coker College’s strong belief that education is for the betterment of humanity leads the College to provide experiences for students in community service as a part of their formal studies.  Community Service provides an early opportunity for students to develop leadership skills that reflect initiative, vision and caring in their response to the community. Faculty, staff and students participate in keeping the College alert to community situations where the College can be of help in meaningful ways. The Center’s staff also works with the Sparrow Scholarship Committee to promote the scholarship and to track the recipients’ progress.

In 2009, President Obama declared September 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.  In recognition of this day, the Community Service/Service Learning Committee worked to pull together a Community Service Kickoff for the College this year, “Coker Gives Back”.  Please read the “Coker Gives Back” box for information regarding our kickoff. 

Many members of the Coker community participated in this day of giving back to our neighbors. It is envisioned as the first of many ongoing opportunities, both large and small to continue to make a difference in Hartsville and surrounding communities.  It is also a new beginning for service at Coker College as we move forward by coordinating our efforts across campus to provide a more structured service program for the benefit of everyone involved in this important endeavor. 

Those interested in participating in community service are invited to stop by the Center for Engaged Learning located on the second floor of the Student Center. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to stop by and see what projects are currently available.  If this is not convenient, feel free to contact either Darlene Small, Director of the Center for Engaged Learning at or Caitlin Vance, Coordinator of Engaged Learning Programs at or call 843-383-8058.