Borrowing Privileges for GSSM Students
. Students must present a valid student ID each time an item is checked out.
. Books and scores circulate for 3 weeks; CDs and audio-cassettes for 2 weeks. 1 renewal is allowed for these materials.
. Reserve materials, journals, magazines, newspapers, reference books, record albums, microfilm, microfiche, rare books, video recordings and archival materials must be used within the building.
. IB and GSSM students may not have more than 10 items out at one time.
. Students do not have PASCAL Delivers privileges.
. Students will be sent an email notice once an item is overdue. Check My Account for updated information on fines, holds, and overdue items. Please notify the library of account errors. A fine of $0.10 a day is assessed on overdue items. . Items that are neither returned nor renewed will be assumed to be lost and the borrower will be billed for their replacement. Borrowers are charged for the replacement cost of the lost item ($50.00 per item, on average) plus a processing fee ($5.00) and a billing fee ($5.00). The bill for a lost item may be adjusted if the actual cost of replacement can be determined. Borrowers who return billed items must pay the amount of the accrued fine. We cannot refund payments made for lost items that have been paid for. Borrowing privileges of chronically delinquent library patrons will be suspended.