Audition Requirements - Music Major

Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in voice/Bachelor of Music Education with a concentration in voice:

1) Three selections in contrasting style that demonstrate ability and that are sung from memory.
2) At least one classical selection in a foreign language.
3) You may bring your own accompanist (accompaniment tapes are not allowed).
If you need an accompanist, please let us know immediately and provide us with the titles (and/or copies) of your selections.

Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in piano/Bachelor of Music Education with a concentration in piano:

Prepare three pieces of contrasting styles from memory. Examples of suitable material would be a piece by Bach, Scarlatti, Handel Rameau, etc., the first movement of a Classical sonata, and a work by a Romantic, or contemporary composer.

Bachelor of Arts in music with a concentration in Musical Theater:

Students wishing to audition for the concentration in musical theater should prepare to perform from memory either 2 contrasting musical theater songs and a monologue (monologues should be under 3 minutes, songs should include a verse and at least one chorus). An accompanist will be provided (please provide repertoire selections 2 weeks before the audition date).

When choosing audition repertoire, consult with your voice/chorus/acting teacher for suitable songs and monologues and ask your teachers to hear you before you come to audition so that they can give you feedback. Ideally, songs and monologs should be age appropriate. Please AVOID the following songs:

“Over the Rainbow”
Anything from High School Musical

For more information or to set up an audtion, contact Anna Tingen ( in the
Office of Admissions - 843.383.8050 or 1.800.950.1908.