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by Euripedes
February 23-25, 2001, Black Box Theater

In Greek mythology, Medea is the sorceress who aids Jason of the Argonauts in his quest for the Golden Fleece. After she uses her magical powers to help steal the fleece from her father, Medea leaves her homeland and marries Jason.

The play, written by Euripedes in 431 BC, is a study of the mistreatment of women and of vengeance. It picks up the story long after the Quest for the Golden Fleece when Medea and Jason are living in Corinth. Jason falls in love with the daughter of King Creon, and he deserts Medea and their children to marry the princes. In retaliation, Medea exacts murderous revenge.

"I chose to do Medea because it is probably one of the most dynamic female roles for the stage," said director Nicole Phelps, a Coker College senior theater and communication major. "I have always been a strong advocate of feminism and wanted to explore the depths of the female mind."

By staging Medea in the Black Box Theater, an intimate setting that seats 100, Phelp's brings the play closer to the audience. She has also put her own touches on the production, including dressing the actors in t-shirts emblazoned with gender symbols.

For the Coker production, Molly Corley portrays Medea and Garrett Graham portrays Jason. The rest of the cast includes Sarah Snowden as the Messenger, Lance Crouch as Creon, Keri Martin as the Nurse, Brandon Cole as Aegeus and Keri Martin, Jenny Byrnes and Katrina Glenn as the Chorus. Associate Professor of Theater Deborah Bloodworth is advisor to the play and senior June Scott is the stage manager.